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Answered By Fire (2006)

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Synopsis and Cast:

Taking place amid the struggle for independence in East Timor, a team of UN Officers fight beaurocracy and war to protect the lives of innocent people.

Cast List:

Daniela Carvalho - Singing Girl
Alex Tilman - Ismenio Soares
Fatima Almeida - Madalena Soares
Damien Garvey - Ron Nestovic
Felisberto Araujo - João Soares
José da Costa - Sico Soares
David Wenham - Mark Waldman
Ron White - Bill
Toni Scanlan - Robyn
Linda Cropper - Liz Savage
Tara Morice - Helen Waldman
Ines Araujo - Maria Siga
Angelo Lemos - José Sarmento
Francisco de Carvalho - Joaquim
Afonso Corte Real - Father Faria
Yul Sastrawan - Agus Nazara
Deobia Oparei - Victor
Mario Boavida - Mateus da Costa
Isabelle Blais - Julie Fortin
Fivo Freitas - Cesar
Sri Sacdpraseuth - Komsan
Martinho Soares - Mau Rama
Andrew Buchanan - Allan
Patrick Williams - UN Electoral Officer
Sancho da Silva - Manuel Barrera
Beatriz Joaquim - Nina
Khairi Razzaai - Lieutenant Danarto
Stephanie Meehan - Sophie Waldman
Abigail McCallum - Jen Waldman
Vidal Corte Real - Domingos Siga
Rofina Sazali - Satay Waitress
Agostino Soares - Celeiro Village Chief
Agoes Widjaya Soedjarwo - Indonesian Army Captain
Tim Boyle - Tom
Bernardo Duarte - Falintil Man
Felino Dolloso - Crooning Polri Officer
George Nikijuluw - Indonesian Stall Owner
Maria Ligia Gusmao - Fatima
Filomeno Afonso - TNI Soldier
Marc Carlis - French Electoral Officer
Putu Suarjana - Disguised TNI Soldier
José Mesquita - Militia
Nelson Corte Real - Militia
Gil Santos - Militia
Helder Gil - Militia
Lino Araujo - Militia
Inacio Carvalho - Militia
Jajal Sazali - Militia
Miguel Carvalho - Militia
Eka Darville - Sophie's Boyfriend
Nick Farnell - Liam
Jared Robinson - RCMP Officer

David's Role:

David played Mark Waldman, a police officer who believes in good causes, who finds himself helpless to aid those in need.


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Based on the book "Dancing with the Devil" by David Savage and the play "Mavis Goes to Timor" by Katherine Thomson, Angela Chaplin and Kavisha Mazzella. David Wenham's character was based on David Savage, who had a cameo in the film.

David Wenham became interested in the plight of East Timor after watching the documentary titled Death of a Nation, and joining the Australia-East Timor Association.

David was nominated for the following awards: AFI (Australian Film Institute) for Best Lead Actor in Television Drama, a Silver Logie (Australian TV awards) for Most Outstanding Actor and a Gemini (Canadian TV) award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Dramatic Program or Mini-Series. David won the AFI Award.

Over 400 East Timorese appear in the film.

Bad flooding in Queensland caused some delays in filming.

Because the movie was filmed in Australia and not East Timor, they had to reshoot a scene when a group of kangaroos hopped through in the background.

Tara Morice (Helen Waldman) played a prostitute in Moulin Rouge, Dianne in After the Deluge and Pauline in Oranges and Sunshine.

Deobia Oparei played Le Chocolat in Moulin Rouge and a train passenger in Dark City.

Linda Cropper was the voice of the computer in Return to Jupiter.

Nick Farnell was in The Brush-Off and Killing Time.


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