Wenham Wonderland
Acting Career: Professional Theatre


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Synopsis and Cast:

Three men are at odds about a painting.

Cast List:
Tom Conti - Marc
Geoff Morrell - Serge
David Wenham - Yvan

David's Role:

David played Ivan, a man who knows nothing about art and who tries to reconcile his two friends only to wind up in the middle of their arguement.


During rehearsals the three leads went to the Art Gallery of NSW where each one chose a work of art to discuss later back at the rehearsal studio. While the other two actors chose a painting or a sculpture, David chose a waiter who was pouring champagne into glasses. His humorous reasoning: "The objective was to find a piece of art we could take home and hang on our wall. I thought the waiter would be very handy -you could bring him out whenever you needed something poured."

John Waters was originally cast in the play as Serge, but had to drop out due to illness.

Richard Roxburgh was originally considered for Marc, but dropped out to do Mission Impossible 2. There was much controversy in hiring Tom Conti for the part. However, apparently none of the big name Australian actors were available.

Geoff Morrell played Walter in Oranges and Sunshine.



Performance Dates & Merchandising:

Sydney Theatre Royal: April-June 1999.

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