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Brand New Day (music video) (2005)

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Synopsis and Cast:

A man decides to spend the day riding the bus and getting to know his fellow passengers.

Cast List:
David Wenham
Alex Lloyd (musician, singer)

David's Role:

David played a man who wakes up one morning tired of his mundane life, and decides to toss it all aside and spend the day on the local bus interacting with people and having a good time.


Music video for the song by the same name by Alex Lloyd off of his self titled album.

David is a fan of Alex's music and agreed to do the video because he loved the song.

When the video was being sketched out, the creators envisioned a "David Wenham" type character in the lead. They were pleasantly surprised when David accepted the job.


Celebrity Spotting -
The Advertiser
, March 15, 2006

Intimate Gigs Planned -
The Courier Mail, March 15, 2006
"Aussie hunk David Wenham will feature in the video clip, which will give
the ladeez twice the reason to watch music video shows."

Celebrity spotting -
The Advertiser, March 15, 2006
"there is no mistaking the celeb in Alex Lloyd's new clip - it is Lord of The Rings
and Van Helsing star David Wenham in the video for Lloyd's Brand New Day, shot in Sydney
on Saturday."

McCabe & Downie -
The Daily Telegraph, March 16, 2006
"he actor, who has long been a fan of Lloyd's music, signed on for the clip because he loved the song."

Alex Shoots New Video; Oz Legend David Wenham Gets On Board -
Sony BMG, March 17, 2006:
"Alex Lloyd shot the video for his upcoming new single 'Brand New Day' on Saturday, on a bus
(yes, you read right) cruising around the northern suburbs of Sydney - and none other than
Australian film legend David Wenham makes the journey with him."

Amazing baby news for Lloyd -
The Sunday Telegraph, April 9, 2006
"The video clip for the latest single, Brand New Day, was shot in a bus around Sydney's inner west.
It features actor David Wenham..... 'We were compiling a wish-list of who we'd like in the clip, and
I said as a kind of joke it would be cool to get David Wenham,' Lloyd said. 'It turns out he loves my
music. It was incredible to work with one of the best actors in the country.'"


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