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Better Than Sex (2000)

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Synopsis and Cast:

A one night stand turns into three days.

Cast List:
David Wenham - Josh
Susie Porter - Cin
Catherine McClements - Sam
Kris McQuade - Taxi Driver
Simon Bossell - Tim
Imelda Corcoran - Carole
Dina Gillespie - Girl B
Emily Saunders - Girl C
Laura Keneally - Girl D
Leah Vandenberg - Girl E
Tammy McIntosh - Girl F
Mark Priestley - Guy A
Tamblyn Lord - Guy B
Jason Clarke - Guy C
Jason Chong - Guy D
Tim Richards - Guy E
Harry Bragg - Phone Box Man
Pauline Anderson - Phone Box Woman

David's Role:

David played Josh, a wildlife photographer whose one night stand with Cyn turns into something he didn't expect.


AFI Awards
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David was nominated for a Film Critics Circle of Australia Award and an AFI (Australian Film Institute) Award for Best Actor.

Director Jonathan Teplitzky directed David in Gettin' Square.

Susie Porter was also in the play Southern Steel and the film Idiot Box.

Laura Keneally played Murdoch's Mum in Dark City.

Catherine McClements (Sam) played Nikki Kirby in After the Deluge.

Kris McQuade (Taxi Driver) was in Roses Are Red, an episode of Return to Jupiter and played Kath Pettingill in Killing Time.

Dina Gillespie was in Roses Are Red.

Leah Vandenberg played Claire in The Brush-Off.

Jason Clarke was in the plays Hamlet and The Tempest, and the film Public Enemies.

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