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Simone De Beauvior's Babies (1997)

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Synopsis and Cast:

A group of women fed up with dating make a pact to have babies by the end of the year, but accomplishing this goal proves harder than they realized.

Cast List:
Sally Cooper - Sue
Anne Looby - Louise
Leverne McDonnell - Dianne
Sonia Todd - Karla
Phillip Gordon - Spud
Philip Holder - Charles
David Wenham - Ian
Jacek Koman - Ryko
Jennifer Cluff - Brenda
Peta Brady - Dianne aged 17
Asher Keddie - Karla aged 17
Abby Meates - Sue aged 17
Rainey Mayo - Louise aged 17
Anthony Engelman - Spud aged 17
Belle Leslie - Dianne aged 12
Rod Mullinar - Mick
Belinda McClory - Wendy
Melanie Beddie - Stephanie
Anne Phelan - Postie
Christine Keogh - Sue's Sister 1
Helen Trenos - Ostetrician
Gloria Ajenstat - Isabelle
David Bergin - Radiographer
Chris Bidlo - Col
Bridie Carter - Dating Agent
Terry Carter - Titch
Vivienne Chandler - Advertising Executive 2
David Sullivan Coles - Advertising Executive 1
Pauline Coutts - District Nurse
Emma de Clario - Brenda's Nurse 1
Louis Dingemans - Bike Shop Assistant
Bronwen Gault - Recovery Nurse
Marion Heathfield - Sue's Mum
Nathan King - Anaesthatist
Agnieszka Perepeczko - Swimming Instructor
Nigel Rodrigues - Ramid
Michael Roland - Sue's Dad
Charlie Stone - Col's Daughter
Georgina Symes - Sue's Sister 2
Jools Topp - Pub Musician
Lynda Topp - Pub Musician

David's Role:

David played Ian, Dianne's co-worker who becomes more than just an acquaintance.


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His performance won David his first AFI Award.

Jacek Koman was in the following plays: Hamlet, The Tempest, The Splendids and Tartuffe. He also was in Moulin Rouge and Australia.

Leverne McDonnell and Sonia Todd were in Come in Spinner.

Leverne McDonnell was in the short film Trunk.

Sonia Todd was a regular in Return to Jupiter.

Anne Looby was a regular in A Country Practice when David appeared in the episode titled It's My Party.

Asher Keddie played Roxane in Cyrano de Bergerac.

Anthony Engelman, Rod Mullinar, Terry Carter and Nathan King were in Killing Time.

Belinda McClory played Diver Dan's wife Dorothy in SeaChange in the episode "Stormy Weather".

David Bergin was also in SeaChange in the episode "The Official Story".

Melanie Beddie played Nurse Judy in After the Deluge.

Ann Phelan was in Poor Man's Orange.

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