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The Bank (2001)

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Synopsis and Cast:

A man promises to make a large bank lots of money, but what are his true motivations?

Cast List:
David Wenham - Jim Doyle
Anthony LaPaglia - Simon O'Reily
Sibylla Budd - Michelle Roberts
Steve Rodgers - Wayne Davis
Mitchell Butel - Stephen
Mandy McElhinney - Diane Davis
Greg Stone - Vincent
Kazuhiro Muroyama - Toshio
Andrew Bayly - Mr. Johnson
Thomas Blackburne - Young Jim
Sharon Oppy - Teacher
Giles Rittman - School child
Dylan Foss - School child
Jessica Voglis - School child
Nicole Croker - School child
Robert van Mackelenberg - Chairman
Jeff Keogh - Christopher
Ian Bliss - Executive 1
Peter Barron - Executive 2
Matt Norman - Limo Driver
Joshua Jay - Roger
Mike McCoy - Chauffeur
Tanja Bulatovic - Computer Lab Technician
Rodney Kelly - Phone Trader
James Judge - Phone Trader
Paul Hill - Phone Trader
Vincent Gil - Sheriff
Tim Aris - Police Detective
Stephen Leeder - Billy
Kent Clifton-Bligh - Boat Driver
Emily Lumbers - Monica
Nicholas Galati - Simon's Son
Holly Myers - Yvonne
Sue Jones - Bank Barrister
Maureen Edwards - Supreme Court Judge
David Ross Paterson - Board Member
Bruce Myles - Ben
Anna McCrossin-Owen - Teacher #2
Debora Robertson - Reporter #1
Julia Limb - Reporter #2
Peta Doodson - Librarian
Craig Madden - Petrol Station Attendant
Lance Anderson - Jim's Father
Aris Gounaris - Immigration Officer
Ronald S. Stickland - Immigration Supervisor
Kate Crawford - B.T.S.E. (voice)
Jennifer Zaya Connelly - School Kid
Darren Hassan - Stockbroker

David's Role:

David played Jim Doyle, a computer geek with an axe to grind.


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David was nominated for an IF (Australian Inside Film) award, a Film Critics Circle of Australia Award and an AFI (Australian Film Institute) Award for Best Actor.

Director Robert Connelly worked with David in Three Dollars. He also produced The Boys and the short film Roses are Red.

Producer John Maynard also produced The Boys and Three Dollars.

Anthony LaPaglia was in Legend of the Guardians.

Kazuhiro Muroyama (Toshio) played Rikyu in Greenkeeping.

Stephen Leeder (Billy) was in Tran the Man as Uncle Jack, and in The Boys as the Commissioner.

Mitchell Butel (Stephen) appeared in the plays Blue Remembered Hills as John, and Tartuffe as Damis. He was also in the films Dark City as Officer Husselbeck and Gettin' Square as Con Katsakis.

Greg Stone (Vincent) was in the episode of SeaChange titled "The Official Story", and in the film Oranges and Sunshine.

Thomas Blackburne was in Killing Time as Constable Taylor.

Ian Bliss was in Killing Time as Detective Inspector Patterson .

Matt Norman was in the episode of SeaChange titled "Stormy Weather".

Joshua Jay played Young Alex Kirby in After the Deluge.

Tanja Bulatovic played Trish's assistant in Stiff.

Sue Jones played Verna Miller in the episode of SeaChange titled "My Own Sweetheart", the Landlady in After the Deluge and Helen Pritchet in Killing Time.

Maureen Edwards was a regular cast member of A Country Practice when David appeared in the episode titled "It's My Party".

Bruce Myles appeared in two episodes of SeaChange playing Tony Carstairs. One was titled "Something Rich and Strange", and the other was "Perchance to Dream".

Craig Madden played a gang member in Three Dollars.

Phil Jones worked as a First Assistant Director in this film and played Mr. Claremont in Three Dollars.

Vincent Gill (Sheriff) was in the G.P. episode Unlived Lives.

Musical Director Alan John has done music for the following plays and movies: The Headbutt, The Tempest and Three Dollars.


AFI Awards 2001.


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