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The Boys

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Synopsis and Cast:

Brett Sprague has just been released from prison and his family is at odds as to how to handle him. The men are fearful and it's the women of the household join forces to stand up against Brett once and for all.

Cast List:

Lynette Curran - Sandra Sprague
David Field - Glenn Sprague
Pamela Katt - Nola
Lisbeth Kennelly - Michele
Peter Lehner - Stevie
David Wenham - Brett Sprague
Shani Wood - Jackie

David's Role:

David played a controlling, angry man who tormented his family.


Adapted into a film of the same name, written by Stephen Sewell. David reprised his role from the play to the film. He also served as an Associate Producer.

The play focused more on the mother and girlfriends of the men in the family, while the film centered around the men, especially Brett. He's more of a minor character in the play.

David drank up to 5 beers a performance (there was a case of 24 beers that would wind up empty by the end of the show). He had to use mind-over-matter to not let them get to him.

Lynette Curran also reprised her role in the film.

Robert Connelly was a stage manager for the play. He went on to produce the film version as well as the short film Roses are Red. He directed David in The Bank and Three Dollars.

David Field (Glenn Sprague) was in the stage version of Cosi and was in Seeing Red, and Gettin' Square.


The Brothers Grim -
The Sydney Morning Herald, February 22, 1991
"The Boys is set in a backyard. One of the Sprague brothers, Brett, (portrayed by David Wenham)
has just returned from a stint in jail for minor assault. He is joined by his brothers, Glenn (David Field)
and Stevie (Peter Lehner), who proceed to drink, yell, get paranoid and eventually furious with
their girlfriends, for acts as innocent as going for a walk."

Just One of the Beastly Boys -
The Sydney Morning Herald, March 14, 1991

Look Back in Anger -
The Age, January 7, 2012



Performance Dates:

The play was performed at The Stables Theatre in Darlinghurst, Sydney in 1991.

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