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The Boys (1998)

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Synopsis and Cast:

Brett Sprague has just been released from prison and has come home to find his family has changed. Not only have they tried to clean up their act in his absence, but they also never visited him in prison. He doesn't like anything he sees and soon turn his brothers back to a life of crime.

Cast List:
David Wenham - Brett Sprague
Toni Collette - Michele
Lynette Curran - Sandra Sprague
John Polson - Glenn Sprague
Anthony Hayes - Stevie Sprague
Jeanette Cronin - Jackie
Anna Lise Phillips - Nola
Pete Smith - George (Abo)
Sal Sharah - Nick
Lawrence Woodward - Jailer
Peter Hehir - Graham Newman
Andrew Heys - Sparrow
Teo Gebert - Policeman
Anthony Kierann - Policeman
Stephen Leeder - Commissioner
Veronica Neave - Girl
Michael Ienna - Boy

David's Role:

David played a controlling, angry man who tormented his family.


AFI Awards
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David was nominated for a Film Critics Circle of Australia Award and an AFI (Australian Film Institute) Award for Best Actor.

Adapted from the stage play of the same name, written by Gordon Graham. David reprised his role from the play, as did Lynette Curran. Robert Connelly was a stage manager.

David was the Associate Producer of the film. He also was an Associate Producer of Stiff and The Brush Off.

David worked closely with director Rowan Woods and producer Robert Connelly to bring the film to life.

While at film school, Rowan Woods directed and appeared in the short film Tran the Man.

Producer Robert Connelly produced the short film Roses are Red. He directed David in The Bank and Three Dollars.

Robert once said that the character of Brett was so menacing that he was afraid to go into David's dressing room.

Producer John Maynard produced The Bank and Three Dollars.

David was so immersed in his portrayal of Brett Sprague, his menacing eyes scared Toni Collette (Michele) and she had to leave the set for a few minutes to collect herself.

Anthony Hayes (Stevie Sprague) was John Bond in Killing Time.

Toni played Julie in Cosi and provides the voice in the film Blinky Bill.

John Polson (Glenn Sprague) has worked with David on a number of projects in front of and behind the scenes. John appeared in The Red Dress, Heartland, Idiot Box and Gino. John also is the founding director of Tropfest, a short film festival that originally took place in Syndey, but now is simulcast throughout Australia. David had starred in a few short films that were screened at Tropfest's premiere and has judged the event a few times.

Jeanette Cronin (Jackie) was in Return to Jupiter as Glovic and Dark City as Stranger.

Lawrence Woodward (Jailer) was also a stunt coordinator in the film. He also was a stunt coordinator in Moulin Rouge and Australia, as well as playing an electrician in Cosi.

Pete Smith (George) played an Orc in Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

Anthony Kierann (Policeman) played Murdoch's Dad in Dark City.

Stephen Leeder (Commissioner) was in Tran the Man as Uncle Jack, and in The Bank as Billy.

Teo Gebert (Policeman) was in the stage play The Splendids as Bravo.


'Lousy, no-good bludgers'
Sandra visits her son in jail
'A moment of peace and serenity'


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