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Caz and Faz

Borne from my own silly imagination and my penchant for animating the inanimate,
Caz and Faz is sort of a Sunday comic style tale. Inspired by a handmade Friar Carl doll (Caz)
sent to me as wonderful gift, and a Sideshow Collectibles Faramir (Faz) figure,
plus all the other little Faramirs I have floating around the house, and a cat named Betse
(a stuffed animal named after the computer progam in The Bank).

Caz and Faz came to life on the forum.
Now they have a home here on the site for all to enjoy reading them as much as I have creating them.

I hope to have more installments soon.

* Faz Arrives *
* Don't Forget Me *
* While She's Away *
* And Now She's Back *
* Movie Night *
* Peanut? *
* Hobbies *
* Coming Home *
* Michigan? *

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