Wenham Wonderland
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Synopsis and Cast:

Two men enter a cage of lies on the fifth floor. Only one can leave.

Cast List:
David Ritchie - Teacher
David Wenham - Ghost

David's Role:

David played the ghost of a young boy who is haunting a school for many years, who taunts and manipulates the teacher.


Abuse in a School Storeroom -
The Sydney Morning Herald, April 20, 1988
"...The boy, played dead-pan by David Wenham, is the spirit of a pupil long deceased. Teasing and
tormenting, he leads the teacher through a maze of lies and deceits tricking him finally into suicide....
The character of the ghost is ambivalent. He has an ability to walk through walls and produce hallucinations
yet in the end is unable to unlock the door and escape. Is he a mortal pretending to be a spirit or vice versa?
Neither from this world nor the next, he sits uncomfortably in between - an unconvincing example of the Catholic
notion of limbo...."

Fun Without Any Depth, Alas -
The Sydney Morning Herald, April 21, 1988
"David Wenham plays the boy whose ghost-like appearance suggests that he's been haunting this
Catholic school for 50 years.... In this (the playwright) is supported by masterly performances
especially in the quiet and measured cruelty of Wenham."



Performance Dates:

Performances ran from April to early May 1988 at the Bay Street Theatre in Sydney.

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