Wenham Wonderland
Acting Career: Television


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Synopsis and Cast:

From the Canberra Times:It's the story of two very different brothers who come across a new technology that people in the highest echelons of power will kill to keep secret.

Cast List:

Dan Spielman - Ned Banks
Ashley Zukerman - Jesse Banks
Adele Perovic - Hani Parande
David Wenham - Ian Bradley
Adam Garcia - Perry Benson
Lucy Lawless - Alex Wisham
Dan Wylie - Lyndon Joyce
Aden Young - Randall Keats
Paul Tassone - Andy King
Aaron Pedersen - Tim Simons
Aaron L. McGrath - Clarence Boyd
Steve Rodgers - Malcolm Coover
Mitzi Ruhlmann - Missy Wisham
Tim McCunn - Carl Smith
Ursula Yovich - Kitty Boyd
Lindsay Farris - Dean

David's Role:

David plays Deputy Prime Minister Ian Bradley.


Aden Young has worked on several projects with David, including Cosi, Molokai: The Story of Father Damien and After the Deluge.

Lucy Lawless appeared in Top of the Lake.

Dan Wylie played the Close Ward Nurse in Cosi. He also had a part in The Turning.

Chelsie Preston Crayford was also in Dripping in Chocolate and Beyond the Known World.

Ursula Yovich appeared in Australia as Daisy


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