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Police Rescue: The Cosmic Lightbeam (1991)

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Synopsis and Cast:

TV series revolving around a police rescue unit. In this episode Mickey and Angel are a bit tense with each other until they wind up trapped in a tunnel together and have to set aside their differences to get themselves out.

Cast List:
Gary Sweet - Sgt. Steve 'Mickey' McClintock
Marshall Napier - Sgt. Fred 'Frog' Catteau
Tim McKenzie - Sr. Sgt. Peter 'Ridgy' Ridgeway
Steve Bastoni - Yiannis Angelopoulos
Sonia Todd - Const. Georgia Rattray
Peter Browne - Const. Trevor 'Sootie' Coledale
Doug Scroope - Const. Percy 'Ptomaine' Warren
John Clayton - Inspector Bill Adams
Toni Allaylis - Christy
Kerry Armstrong - Des McClintock
Kerry Blakeman - Cole
Cranston Brecht - Jason Carpenter
Boris Brkic - Ziggy
Soledad Cordeaux - Helen
Da Davies - Ronnie
Brian Ellison - Jigger
Chris Galleti - Detective Sgt. Dalzell
David Hoey - Pool Player
Wyn Roberts - Anthony Mason
Ira Seidenstein - Salesman
David Wenham - Ferret

David's Role:

David's part is very small in this one. He's in three scenes. He plays Ferret, a locksmith (or lockpicker, depending upon if you're a cop or a crook). He is called by Angel to help someone who locked his keys in the house. Later that house is robbed and Angel goes after him, but he insists he didn't do it and tells the cop to talk to someone else. The next night, Ferret shows up at the police station and tells Angel not to go after the robbers or else they'll kill him. Ferret is genuinely concerned.


Boris Brkic appeared in The Proposition and No Escape.

The following regular/recurring cast members appeared in Come in Spinner: Kerry Armstrong, Sonia Todd, Gary Sweet, Peter Browne and Tim McKenzie.

Kerry Armstrong has also worked with David in SeaChange as Heather Jelly.< Sonia Todd was a regular in Return to Jupiter, and starred in Simone De Beauvior's Babies.

Peter Browne played Sergeant in Idiot Box.

Gary Sweet was in Gettin' Square as Chicka Martin.

Steve Bastoni was in Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course.

Doug Scroupe was in Dark City.

Kerry Blakeman (Cole) was a stuntman in No Escape.

David Hoey played a Med Tech in the Shipwreck episode of Return to Jupiter and the play The Headbutt.

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