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Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course (2002)

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Synopsis and Cast:

The Crocodile Hunter sets out to tackle poachers.

Cast List:
Steve Irwin - Himself
Terri Irwin - Herself
Magda Szubanski - Brozzie Drewitt
David Wenham - Sam Flynn
Lachy Hulme - Robert Wheeler
Aden Young - Ron Buckwhiler
Kenneth Ransom - Vaughan Archer
Kate Beahan - Jo Buckley
Steve Bastoni - Deputy Director Reynolds
Steven Vidler - Deputy Director Ansell
Alyson Standen - Anne Milking
Alex Ruiz - CIA Agent
David Franklin - CIA Agent
Robert Coleby - Dr. Weinberger
Kevin Hides - Dr. Krug
Christopher Morris - Canberra Space Technician
Todd Levi - Canberra Space Technician
Timothy Bottoms - President

David's Role:

David played a ranger who was investigating the deaths of Brozzie's cows allegedly by crocodiles.


David was good friends with Steve Irwin. He read a poem at at Steve's memorial service. Magda Subanski took part in the memorial as well.

Aden Young has been in several of David's films and TV projects including Molokai: The Story of Father Damien, Cosi, and After the Deluge. He also appears in the Paul Cox documentary On Borrowed Time.

Kate Beahan (Jo Buckley) played Margaret in After the Deluge.

Steve Bastoni had a regular role in Police Rescue. David played a friend of his in the episode The Cosmic Lightbeam.


"Don't do something you'll regret..."
"The law's the law."
"Call off your dogs and I'll let you know!"
"You've been shooting up a storm on the river..."
"What you're doing could you get into a serious amount of trouble."

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