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Dark City (1998)

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Synopsis and Cast:

In a world that seems to be controlled by aliens who manipulate the lives of those who live there as well as the homes they live in, one man finds himself immune to the mind control, running from the aliens and struggling with his memories of his past.

Cast List:
Rufus Sewell - John Murdoch
William Hurt - Inspector Frank Bumstead
Kiefer Sutherland - Dr. Daniel P. Schreber
Jennifer Connelly - Emma Murdoch / Anna
Richard O'Brien - Mr. Hand
Ian Richardson - Mr. Book
Bruce Spence - Mr. Wall
Colin Friels - Det. Eddie Walenski
John Bluthal - Karl Harris
Mitchell Butel - Officer Husselbeck
Melissa George - May
Frank Gallacher - Chief Insp. Stromboli
Ritchie Singer - Hotel Manager / Vendor
Justin Monjo - Taxi Driver
Nicholas Bell - Mr. Rain
Satya Gumbert - Mr. Sleep
Frederick Miragliotta - Mr. Quick
Peter Sommerfeld - Stranger
Timothy Jones - Stranger
Jeanette Cronin - Stranger
Paul Livingston - Assistant Stranger
Michael Lake - Assistant Stranger
David Wenham - Schreber's Assistant
Alan Cinis - Automat Cop
Bill Highfield - Automat Cop
Terry Bader - Mr. Jeremy Goodwin
Rosemary Traynor - Mrs. Sylvia Goodwin
Edward Grant - Hotel Manager
Maureen O'Shaughnessy - Kate Walenski
Deobia Oparei - Train Passenger
Marques Johnson - Station Master
Doug Scroope - Desk Sergeant
Cinzia Coassin - Waitress
Tyson McCarthy - Murdoch - Age 10
Luke Styles - Murdoch - Teenager
Anthony Kierann - Murdoch's Dad
Laura Keneally - Murdoch's Mum
Natalie Bollard - Naked Woman
Eliot Paton - Matthew Goodwin
Naomi van der Velden - Jane Goodwin
Peter Callan - Taxi Driver
Mark Hedges - Emma's Lover
Darren Gilshenan - Fingerprint Cop
Ray Rizzo - Policeman
Bill Rutherford - Police Officer
Marin Mimica - Hotel Lobby Cop
Anthony Pace - Young Karl Harris
Tony Mosley - Four Piece Band Member
Glenford O. Richards - Four Piece Band Member
Stanley Steer - Four Piece Band Member
Greg Tell - Four Piece Band Member
William Upjohn - Forensics Cop
Anita Kelsey - Emma Murdoch (singing voice)

David's Role:

David played one of the aliens. His job was to assist the human Dr. Schreber, but his loyalty is with his fellow aliens.


Bruce Spence (Mr. Wall) was in Return to Jupiter as Ed Unit, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King as The Mouth of Sauron, The Brush Off as Philip Veale, Australia as Dr. Barker and in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Colin Friels (Det. Eddie Walenski) has been in Cosi and Killing Time.

Mitchell Butel (Officer Husselbeck) appeared in the plays Blue Remembered Hills as John, and Tartuffe as Damis. He also appeared in the films The Bank as Stephen and Gettin' Square as Con Katsakis.

Justin Monjo (Taxi Driver) was in No Escape.

Darren Gilshenan (Fingerprint Cop) was in Idiot Box as C.E.S. Man.

Jeanette Cronin (Stranger) was in Return to Jupiter as Glovic and The Boys as Jackie.

Paul Livingston did the chicken noises in the film A Little Bit of Soul.

Anthony Kierann (Murdoch's Dad) played George in The Boys.

Nicholas Bell played Rod Conroy in Killing Time.

Deobia Oparei played Le Chocolat in Moulin Rouge and Victor in Answered By Fire.

Doug Scroope was a regular in the series Police Rescue when David made a guest appearance.

Laura Keneally played Elly and Monique in The Red Dress and played Girl D in Better Than Sex.

Stuntmen Shea Adams and Nigel Harbach had roles in Australia.

Shea has done stunt work for No Escape.


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