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Russian Doll (2001)

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Synopsis and Cast:

A struggling writer reluctantly agrees to marry a Russian woman in order to prevent her from being deported, so that his married friend can continue his affair with her.

Cast List:
Hugo Weaving - Harvey
David Wenham - Ethan
Rebecca Frith - Miriam
Sacha Horler - Liza
Helen Dallimore - Alison
Natasha Novak - Katia
Alan Lovell - Max Davenport
Felicity Price - Phaedra
Laurie Foell - Eve Davenport
Todd Worden - Eve's Lover
Brigid Dixon - Jessica
Peter Beaumont - Robert
Peter Astridge - Alison's Lover
Alexandre Zilberman - Taxi driver
Mark Zitserman - Mr. Daniel
Arkadi Uchitel - Folk Singer
Alisa Katan - Pop singer
Isabella Katan - Pop singer

David's Role:

David played Ethan, a philandering husband who asks his best friend to marry his mistress so that she can stay in the country.


This was not one of David's favorite filming experiences.

Hugo Weaving worked with David on a few projects including the play That Eye, The Sky, and the films Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, After the Deluge, Legend of the Guardians and Oranges and Sunshine.

Sacha Horler (Liza) was also in Legend of the Guardians.

Natasha Novak (Katia) appears in Killing Time as Dina. She was also in an episode of SeaChange, but it was not during David's time on the show.

Alan Lovell was a regular cast member in the TV series Rafferty's Rules. David appeared in an episode of the show. Alan also was in Heartland.

Jazz musician Vince Jones wrote and performed on the soundtrack of this film. He also had a small role as a singer in Come In Spinner.


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