Wenham Wonderland
Acting Career: Theatre Nepean


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Synopsis and Cast:

About growing up in the East end of London.

Cast List:
David Wenham - Mike
John Simpson - Les
Anni Finsterer - Sylv
Samantha Bladon - Mike's mother
Craig Mathewson - Mike's father


John Simpson also appeared in Snatched.

Anni Finsterer co=directed and co-designed the production of Tale of the Tiger with David.


A Testement to Youth's Energy -
The Sydney Morning Herald, November 3, 1986

"The fight scene, when it comes, is another mock-heroic delight with Mike, now dressed as a clown,
complete with giant shoes and a bulbous red nose, doing battle with an inflatable dinosaur on the
Hackney Marshes. That this scene can be both enthralling and hilarious after 3 1/2 hours of the play
is a testament to the skills of Berkoff's conception and David Wenham's performance.... Wenham gives
an assertive and dynamic performance as Mike."

Performance Dates:

Rocks Theatre, Sydney: November 3-14, 1986.

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