Wenham Wonderland
Acting Career: Professional Theatre


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Synopsis and Cast:

Historical Australian texts narrated to music performed in front of the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.

Cast List:
David Wenham - Narrator
Natalie Williams - Composer
Richard Mills - Composer
Elizabeth Campbell - Mezzo Soprano
James Judd - Conductor

David's Role:

David recited texts including by famous Australians including Ian Mudie, Paul Keating, J.T. Lang, Jack Davis and Mary Gilmore.


Jack Thompson was supposed to take part as well, but had to cancel due to a back injury.


Wenham hits town to share a musical premiere -
The Advertiser, March 16, 2001

Something for Everyone -
The Advertiser, March 19, 2001

"David Wenham was admirably cast as reader for the texts of Emblems by Richard Mills,
adopting the merest modification in accent and inflexion to suit the vastly different
flavours of Ian Mudie, Jack Davis, Paul Keating, Mary Gilmore et al, with never a trace
of elocution or other artifice."

Performance Dates:

Adelaide Festival: March 2001.

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