Wenham Wonderland
Acting Career: Professional Theatre


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Synopsis and Cast:

A doctor struggles to understand why a young man blinded five horses.

Cast List:
1987 production:
Shane Briant - Martin Dysart
Melissa Davis - Jill
Judy Ferris
Nicholas Lidstone
Martin Maddell
John Paramor
Lynda Stoner - Hesther Salomon
Wendy Tynan
David Wenham - Alan Strang

1988 production:
Barbara Abrahams
David Atfield
Christopher Dibb
Kim Knuckey
Elaine Lee
John Paramor
Peggy Thompson
May Turner
David Wenham - Alan Strang

David's Role:

David played Alan Strang, a youth with an unorthodox passion for horses.


John Paramor was in both productions of the play.

Shane Briant was in The Children of Huang Shi.

David Atfield played a wounded soldier in Jack Simpson: A willesee Documentary.

Peggy Thompson was in the Mozart Rules episode of A Country Practice.


Ausstage (1987 production)
Ausstage (1988 production)
Theatricalia (1987 production)
Theatricalia (1988 production)


The Id and Ego Clash in a Night of Contradictions -
The Sydney Morning Herald, August 14, 1987

Performance Dates:

Performances ran in August of 1987 and August of 1988 at the Glen Street Theatre in Frenchs Forest, NSW.

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