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That Eye, The Sky

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Synopsis and Cast:

A hippy family find religion.

Cast List:

Andrew Gilbert
Celia Ireland
Tom Lycos - Sam
Susan Prior - Teguin
Steve Rodgers
Rachel Szalay - Alice
Hugo Weaving
David Wenham - Ort Flak
Alan Flower
Richard Roxburgh - Henry

David's Role:

David played Ort Flak whose perspective is what the audience sees.


The play was adapted from a book by Tim Winton. David is one of the directors of The Turning which is an anthology of adapted short stories by Tim Winton.

Hugo Weaving worked with David on a few projects including Russian Doll, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, After the Deluge, Legend of the Guardians and Oranges and Sunshine. He also had a role in the film Little Fish, which was adapted from the short film Tran the Man.

Richard Roxburgh not only performed in the Melbourne production, but also directed both shows. He has worked with David in several projects including the plays Blue Remembered Hills and Hamlet, and the films A Little Bit of Soul, Moulin Rouge, Van Helsing, Legend of the Guardians and Blinky Bill.

Celia Ireland also appeared in the stage productions of The Headbutt and Cosi, and the film Idiot Box.


Ausstage (Sydney production)
Ausstage (Melbourne production)

Performance Dates:

The play was performed on Feburary 6, 1994 as part of the Festival of Sydney and Carnival 1994, and on October 13-15, 1994 at the Melbourne Playhouse as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival 1994.

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