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Blue Heelers: Happy Families (1996)

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Synopsis and Cast:

It's Maggie's birthday, and her family reunites to celebrate.

Cast List:
Damian Walshe-Howling - Const. Adam Cooper
Lisa McCune - Sr. Const. Margaret 'Maggie' Doyle
William McInnes - Sgt. Nicholas 'Nick' Schultz
Martin Sacks - Sr. Det. Patrick Joseph 'P.J.' Hasham
Julie Nihill - Christine 'Chris' Reilly
John Wood - Sr. Sgt. Tom Croydon
Dennis Miller - Pat Doyle
Nick Waters - Insp. Ted Faulkner
Rachel Blakely - Gina Belfanti
Terry Serio - Mick Doyle
Alexandra Sangster - Anna Croydon
Rhys Muldoon - Geoff Grimshaw
Marie Trevor - Leila Clegg
Anne Maloney - Amanda
Colin Duckworth - Tibor Kerenyi
Debra Low - Suzi Kerenyi
Nick Carrafa - Anthony Kelvin
David Wenham - Robbie Doyle
Axl Taylor - Len The Barman

David's Role:

David played Robbie Doyle. He comes from a cop's family. His father and brother disagree on technique and methods. He works for the police too, but his job is more clerical.

Robbie has a secret, however, that is shockingly revealed.


Robbie appears in future episodes of the series, but David didn't play the role.

This is the second of two appearances David made on this show. The other one was Folly of Youth.

The following regular cast members were in Folly of Youth as well: Damian Walshe-Howling (Const. Adam Cooper), Lisa McCune (Const. Margaret 'Maggie' Doyle... David portrayed her brother), William McInnes (Sgt. Nicholas 'Nick' Schultz), Martin Sacks (Det. Sr. Const. Patrick Joseph 'P.J.' Hasham), Julie Nihill (Christine 'Chris' Reilly), John Wood (Sr. Sgt. Tom Croydon) and Axl Taylor (Len The Barman).

William McInnes took over for David in SeaChange.

John Wood was the lead in the TV series Rafferty's Rules, and played Allan Bond in Killing Time.


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