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Salinity: The Silent Flood (2002)

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Synopsis and Cast:

A look at the affect of salt on the environment.

Cast List:
David Wenham - narrator


Producer Mike Sexton was convinced that David would decline the opportunity to narrate the series, and was surprised when he agreed to do it. David felt it was an important topic and wanted to do something to help.


Salt of the earth -
The Courier-Mail, December 5, 2002
"'I expected a "no",' Sexton says. 'But (David Wenham) came and he did more than he had to.
I actually asked him "why are you doing this?" and he said he was really interested in it and
it was a way he could do something to help.'"

Salt on the wounds of a dry country -
The Australian, December 5, 2002
"From the moment Diver Dan, sorry, David Wenham, turns his gaze from the ocean behind him
to the camera and says '... we must love it because the vast majority of Australians choose
to live within an hour's drive of the coast, but the ocean ... has also given us our greatest
environment problem of the 21st century' you know you are in for an interesting, even challenging,
viewing experience."

Silent Flood a Ratings Winner in December



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