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Blue Heelers: Folly of Youth (1994)

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Synopsis and Cast:

When a young woman disappears, the townsfolk automatically blame William Cassidy.

Cast List:
Grant Bowler - Const. Wayne Patterson
Damian Walshe-Howling - Const. Adam Cooper
Lisa McCune - Const. Margaret 'Maggie' Doyle
William McInnes - Sgt. Nicholas 'Nick' Schultz
Martin Sacks - Det. Sr. Const. Patrick Joseph 'P.J.' Hasham
Julie Nihill - Christine 'Chris' Reilly
John Wood - Sr. Sgt. Tom Croydon
Richard Huggett - Det. Const. Sean Neale
David Wenham - William Cassidy
David Glazebrook - Det. Sgt. Grantham
Paul Roberts - Noel Hawkins
Libby Stone - Fay Cassidy
Fred Barker - Vince Cassidy
Peter Edmonds - Max Geary
Joanne Cooper - Liz Geary
Miranda Barber - Rhoda Hawkins
Andrea McEwan - Joanne Foster
Livinia Nixon - Becky
Axl Taylor - Len The Barman

David's Role:

David portrayed Will Cassidy. A few years ago he was involved in a terrible car accident that changed him. He was once a top athlete and a good student. Now he's totally different, acting up and losing his temper on the fly.

His irrational behavior gets him into trouble and he's accused of abducting two missing teenage girls. There's no physical evidence, but he was seen talking to one of the girls before she disappeared.


This is the first of two appearances David made on this show. The other one was Happy Families.

The following regular cast members were in Happy Families as well: Damian Walshe-Howling (Const. Adam Cooper), Lisa McCune (Const. Margaret 'Maggie' Doyle... David portrayed her brother), William McInnes (Sgt. Nicholas 'Nick' Schultz), Martin Sacks (Det. Sr. Const. Patrick Joseph 'P.J.' Hasham), Julie Nihill (Christine 'Chris' Reilly), John Wood (Sr. Sgt. Tom Croydon) and Axl Taylor (Len The Barman).

William McInnes took over for David in SeaChange.

John Wood was the lead in the TV series Rafferty's Rules, and played Allan Bond in Killing Time.

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