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Acting Career: TV Appearances

G.P.: Unlived Lives (1991)

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Synopsis and Cast:

TV series that took place in a medical practice.

Cast List:
Michael Craig - Dr. William Sharp
John McTernan - Dr. Robert Sharp
Judy McIntosh - Dr. Nicola Tanner
Denise Roberts - Julie Winters
Brian Rooney - Michael Winters
Miles Buchanan - Geoff
Vincent Gil - Snowy
Henri Szeps - Charlie Cassidy
David Wenham - Barry West

David's Role:

David played a homeless young man who had a tendancy to get into fights. He had a quick temper, and got the cracked ribs to prove it. His doctor becomes concerned about his condition and puts him in a boarding house, where things aren't what they seem.


John McTernan (Dr. Robert Sharp) played Justice Shepherd in Killing Time.

Vincent Gill (Snowy) was in The Bank.

Henri Szeps was in Seeing Red as Louie Leeds.

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