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Gino (1994)

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Synopsis and Cast:

A writer about to publish a book on corruption searches for his son who he believes has been kidnapped by the businessmen he is set to expose.

Cast List:
Nicholas Bufalo - Gino Palizetti
Zoe Carides - Lucia Petri
Bruno Lawrence - Mr. Palizetti
Rose Clemente - Mrs. Palizetti
Nick Lathouris - Rocco Petri
Fiona Martinelli - Maria
Maria Venuti - Angelina
Lucky Fordali
John Polson - Stan
Graeme Blundell- Larry Stone
David Wenham - Trevor
Anthony Ackroyd


Zoe Carides (Lucia Petri) was in Heartland as Shelley and Seeing Red as Red Sessions.

Nicholas Bufalo (Gino Palizetti) was a regular cast member of A Country Practice until 1988. David appeared in a 1987 episode titled Mozart Rules as an ambulance man.

Rose Clemente (Mrs. Palizetti) played Seppa in Poorman's Orange.

John Polson (Stan) has worked with David on a number of projects in front of and behind the scenes. John appeared in The Red Dress, Heartland, Idiot Box and The Boys. John also is the founding director of Tropfest. David had starred in a few short films that were screened at Tropfest's premiere and has judged the event a few times.

Graeme Blundell (Larry Stone) was in Idiot Box as Detective Eric.

Anthony Ackroyd was in an episode of Return to Jupiter as Quadro.

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