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Greenkeeping (1992)

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Synopsis and Cast:

Tom Little maintains the grounds at the local lawn bowling facility. He owes thousands of dollars to his drug dealer, and if he doesn't raise it there could be trouble. He doesn't make enough at his job to pay the man back, so he tries what he can to raise the money.

Cast List:
Mark Little - Lenny
Lisa Hensley - Sue
Max Cullen - Tom
Jan Adele - Doreen
Gia Carides - Gina
Syd Conabere - Milton
Willie Fennell - Old Player
Kristoffer Greaves - Robbie
Tony Helou - Car Salesman
Connie Hobbs - Ruby
Harold Kissin - Joe
Rossi Kotsis - Gina's Brother
Kazuhiro Muroyama - Rikyu
Robyn Nevin - Mum
David Phu An Chiem - Poker Machine Player
Greig Pickhaver - Raffle man
Leigh Russell - Dave
Rob Steele - Bob
David Wenham - Trevor
Frank Whitten - Dad

David's Role:

David played a Tevor, Lenny's brother. Trevor and Lenny didn't get along, but Trevor works at a bank, and Lenny needs his help to rasie money.


Max Cullen was in the stage production of Hamlet and in the film Australia as the old drunk.

Kristoffer Greaves (Robbie) played Kev in Heartland and Christmas Day Policeman in Poor Man's Orange.

Harold Kissin (Joe) played an audience member in Moulin Rouge.

Kazuhiro Muroyama (Rikyu) played Toshio in The Bank.

Leigh Russell (Dave) played a taxi driver in David's episode of Twisted Tales called The Test. He was also in the play The Splendids.

Syd Conabere was in Poor Man's Orange.

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