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Synopsis and Cast:

Haunted by the ghost of his deceased father, Hamlet exacts revenge on his murderous uncle.

Cast List:
Cate Blanchett - Ophelia
Peter Carroll
Ralph Cotterill - Ghost, Player King
Max Cullen - Polonius
Justin Harris-Parslow
Gillian Jones - Gertrude
Jacqueline McKenzie - Ophelia
Antony Neate
Keith Robinson - Rosencrantz
Richard Roxburgh - Hamlet
Geoffrey Rush - Horatio
Kevin Smith
Steven Vidler - Fortinbras
George Washingmachine - Guildenstern
David Wenham - Laertes
Jacek Koman - Claudius
Jason Clarke
Desmond Connellan
Russell Kiefel

David's Role:

David played Laertes, Ophelia's brother and son of Polonius. When Laertes learns that Hamlet kills his father and was responsible for his sister's death, he challenges Hamlet to a duel.


The rehearsal space at the Belvoir Street Theatre at the time was so small that Richard Roxbourgh and David had to rehearse their sword fighting scene in the washroom with a pair of toothbrushes.

Richard Roxburgh has worked with David in several projects including the plays That Eye, The Sky and Blue Remembered Hills, and the films A Little Bit of Soul, Moulin Rouge, Van Helsing and Legend of the Guardians.

Cate Blanchett starred in the TV series Heartland and the films Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

Geoffrey Rush starred with David in A Little Bit of Soul, Legend of the Guardians and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

The following actors also appeared in the productions of The Tempest: Cate Blanchett, Peter Carroll, Ralph Cotterill, Gillian Jones, Keith Robinson, Kevin Smith, Jason Clarke and Jacek Koman.

Max Cullen was in Greenkeeping as Tom and Australia as the old drunk.

Jacqueline McKenzie starred in the short film Roses are Red. She also appears in the Paul Cox documentary On Borrowed Time.

Jacek Koman was in The Splendids, Tartuffe, Simone De Beauvior's Babies, Moulin Rouge and Australia.

Ralph Cotterill was in The Splendids and The Proposition.

Keith Robinson was in Moulin Rouge.

Steven Vidler appeared in Heartland.

Jason Clarke was in Public Enemies and Better Than Sex.

Russell Kiefel was in No Escape.

Director Neil Armfeld also directed The Tempest.



A Hamlet of our Time -
The Sun Herald, June 25, 1994
"And Laertes (David Wenham), decent, quietly confident and wise, taking troubled leave of his sister Ophelia."

A Damned Family's Values -
The Financial Review, June 30, 1994
"So when Laertes (David Wenham) spurns Hamlet's plea for pardon, we can fully understand that Laertes
can forgive Hamlet but not the act of murder and the way Ophelia (Jacqueline McKenzie) has been manipulated."

To Be, or Not To Be An Acting Ensemble -
The Sunday Age, September 16, 1995
"...Love and trust in the rehearsal room matched by love and trust in the production. And when you look at Armfield's
cast including Rush, Roxburgh and Blanchett, Jacek Koman and Gillian Jones, Ralph Cotteril and Kevin Smith, Keith Robinson
and David Wenham all of them are not only capable of playing Hamlet, but going right over the top!"

Theatre Revamp to Ease Rush Hour Crush -
The Australian, March 16, 2004
"In fact, so cramped are the facilities at the theatre in inner-city Belvoir Street that
David Wenham and Richard Roxburgh have been forced to use toothbrushes to rehearse a sword
fight from Hamlet...."


Ausstage (Sydney production)
Ausstage (Melbourne 1994 production)
Ausstage (Adelaide production)
Ausstage (Melbourne 1995 production)

Performance Dates:

Belvoir Street Theatre: June 20-30, 1994, The Playhouse in Melbourne September 14 thru October 14, 1994, The Playhouse in Melbourne September 14 thru October 14, 1995, and The Space in Adelaide November 1-7, 1995.

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