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The Headbutt

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Synopsis and Cast:

A coming of age story about Chris and his life with Ruth and his nights spent at the Castanet Club.

Cast List:
Glenn Butcher - Paddlepop
David Hoey - Chris
Celia Ireland - Ruth
Peter Mahony - chorus and MC
Mandy Salomon - Nikki
David Wenham - Lennie and Slug

David's Role:

David played Lennie, a school mate of Chris's from Taree, and Slug a surfer.


David's first scene takes place in a shower: "The Headbutt began with me walking on, having a shower and wrapping a towel around myself. Then Glenn Butcher came on, whipped the towel off and we launched into the first song... with me totally starkers."

David Hoey played a Med Tech in the Shipwreck episode. He also appeared in the Police Rescue episode The Cosmic Lightbeam and the Shipwreck episode of Return to Jupiter.

Celia Ireland also appeared in the stage productions of That Eye, The Sky, Cosi, and the film Idiot Box.

Musical Director Alan John has done music for the following plays and movies: The Tempest, The Bank and Three Dollars.


Sweet as a Liverpool Kiss -
The Sydney Morning Herald, November 21, 1991
"and the party animals from Taree, led by the surfie Slug who supplants
Lennie, both distinctively characterised by David Wenham."

A Rumbustious Tale that Crashes Through -
>The Sun Herald, November 24, 1991
"David Wenham enhances his growing reputation as a lively lad in ocker roles"



Performance Dates:

Performances ran in November 1991 at the Belvoir Street Theatre in Sydney.

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