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Heartland (1994)

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Synopsis and Cast:

A woman strives to help prove the innocence of a man accused of killing his girlfriend, while fighting her own battle against people who object to her romance.

Cast List:
Cate Blanchett - Elizabeth Ashton
Ernie Dingo - Vincent Burunga
Paul Caesar - Macka Hargreaves
Bob Maza - Alf Dyer
Wesley Patten - Chris Dyer
Justine Saunders - Millie Carmichael
Steven Vidler - Phil McCarthy
Leanne Bundy - Robyn
Bradley Byquar - Ricky Dyer
Luke Carroll - Jason Sutton
Rachel Maza - Leila Sutton
Kevin Smith - Shorty Carmichael
Auriel Andrew - Vi Murray
Lillian Crombie - Mary Dyer
David Kennedy - Robert Sutton
David Ngoombujarra - Mujadi Burunga
Lisa Kinchela - Sally Dyer
Scott Lowe - Patrick
Amy Miller-Porter - Carly Sutton
Nicholas Papademetriou - Harry Bradshaw
Aaron Pedersen - Clarrie Carmichael
Steven Albert - Bowler
Dwayne Buchanan - Toddler Sutton
Marjorie Child - Eileen
Shane Connor - Ben Lovell
Mark Fitzpatrick - Dennis
Trevor Jamieson - Nobby
Josie Lawford - Bronwyn
Kyle Morrison - Oberon
Franklyn Nannup - Joshua
Lynley Narkle - Rachel
Jie Pitman - Flint Baker
Andrea Ryan - Newborn Baby
John Sheerin - John Thompson
Judith Wilkes - Mum Burrunga
Sharon Wilkes - Fleur
Shayne Foote - Nurse
Auriel Andrews - Vi Murray
Mark Saunders - Mike
Kristoffer Greaves - Kev
Phil Meacham - Constable
Lynette Narkle - Rachel
Harold Hopkins - Jim
Jeremy Sims - Garth Madden
Lydia Miller - Nerida Watson
Zoe Carides - Shelley
Rhoda Roberts - Dionne
Robert Alexander - Prof. Last
David Wenham - Warwick Bone
Tony Barry - Prison Officer
Kerry Walker - Sylvia
Garry Waddell - Lennie
Darren Yap - Dr. Nguyen
John Polson - Patrick

David's Role:

David played a Warwick Bone, a lawyer working on Elizabeth's court case. He only appeared in one episode of this mini-series.


Cate Blanchett starred in the plays Hamlet and The Tempest, and was in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers and Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.

Zoe Carides (Shelley) was in Seeing Red as Red Sessions and Gino as Lucia Petri.

John Polson (Patrick) has worked with David on a number of projects in front of and behind the scenes. John appeared in The Red Dress, Gino, Idiot Box and The Boys. John also is the founding director of Tropfest. David had starred in a few short films that were screened at Tropfest's premiere and has judged the event a few times since.

Steven Vidler appeared in the play Hamlet.

Stunt double Brian Ellison played Rigger in Cosi. He also did stunts for No Escape.

Rachel Maza (Leila Sutton) also appeared in Cosi as Nurse at Concert.

Kristoffer Greaves (Kev) played Robbie in Greenkeeping. Scott Lowe (Patrick) played Skinhead in No Escape.

Richard Carter played a sleeping sentry in No Escape, the Big Bloke in Idiot Box and Craig 'Crusher' Knobes in Gettin' Square.

Alan Lovell was a regular cast member in the TV series Rafferty's Rules. David appeared in an episode of the show. Alan also was in Russian Doll.

Garry Waddell played Dennis Obst in Gettin' Square, Officer Davenport in The Proposition and Anthony Farrell Killing Time.

The following actors were in Australia: Tony Barry, Lillian Crombie, David Ngoombujarra and John Sheerin.

Shane Connor (Ben Lovell) had a regular role in Sons and Daughters. David appeared in episode 954. He also appeared in Poor Man's Orange as Charlie Rothe and Killing Time as Strawhorn.

Kerry Walker (Sylvia) played Mrs. Molesworth in Come in Spinner, Miss Moon in Poor Man's Orange, Sandra in Cosi, Marie in Moulin Rouge, Myrtle Allsop in Australia and Sheila Fraser in Killing Time.

Kristoffer Greaves was in Greenkeeping and Poor Man's Orange.

Jeremy Sims was in Idiotbox.

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