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The Heroes (1988)

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Synopsis and Cast:

True story about a crew of specially selected members of the Australian and British navy who pretend to be fisherman in order to blow up Japanese battleships in WWII.

Cast List:
John Bach - Donald Davidson
Briony Behets - Alice
John Bonney - Rear Admiral
Cameron Daddo - Joe Jones
Jason Donovan - Happy Huston
John Ewart - Bill Reynolds
Don Halbert - Moss Berryman
John Hargreaves - Ted Carse
Wayne Scott Kermond - Boof Marsh
Bill Kerr - Paddy McDowell
Timothy Lyn - Taffy Morris
Mark McAskill - Poppa Falls
Christopher Morsley - Bob Page
Paul Rhys - Ivan Lyon
Tim Robertson - Colonel Mott
Jeff Truman - 'Cobber' Cain
David Wenham - Horrie Young
Gus Mercurio - U.S. Navy Captain (uncredited)

David's Role:

David played a Horrie Young, the telecommunications expert on the boat.


Adapted from the novel written by Ronald McKie.

An image of David in his white, sailor's uniform was used in SeaChange.

John Bach (Donald Davidson) was in the two Lord of the Rings films that David appeared in playing Faramir's right-hand man, Madril. They were The Two Towers and The Return of the King.


Daring attack offered hope in war's darkest days (interview with the real Horrie Young) -
Sydney Morning Herald, September 22, 2003

Interview: Horace Young -
Australians At War Film Archive

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