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Pope Joan (2009)

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Synopsis and Cast:

A young woman pretends to be male in order to fulfill a lifelong dream to become a priest only to find herself being voted in as Pope.

Cast List:
Johanna Wokalek - Johanna von Ingelheim
David Wenham - Gerold
John Goodman - Pope Sergius
Iain Glen - Village Priest
Edward Petherbridge - Aesculapius
Anatole Taubman - Anastasius
Lotte Flack - Johanna von Ingelheim - Age 10-14
Tigerlily Hutchinson - Pope Joan - age 6-9
Jördis Triebel - Joan's mother
Oliver Cotton - Arsenius
Nicholas Woodeson - Arighis
Suzanne Bertish - Bishop Arnaldo
Richard van Weyden - Eusthasius
Branko Tomovic - Paschal
Lenn Kudrjawizki - Jordanes
Ian Gelder - Aio
Gerald Alexander Held - King Lothar
Sandro Lohmann - Matthew - age 12
Christian Redl - Abbot of Fulda
Claudia Michelsen - Richilde
Marc Bischoff - Odo
Tom Strauss - Benjamin
Alberto Cracco - Ennodius
Giorgio Lupano - Mamertus
Marian Meder - Arn
Oliver Nägele - Bishop Fulgentius
Katrin Pollitt
Raúl Semmler - Valentinus
Hendrik Arnst
Lukas T. Berglund - Matthew - age 6
Isabel Bongard - Gisele Age 15
Claudia Geisler
Christoph Glaubacker - Thedo
Colin Goodwin - Nobleman
Heinrich Hadding - Young Priest
Kristina Karst - Bona
Ellie Kemish - Gisele
Frank Kessler - King of the Normanns
Jan-Hendrik Kiefer - John - age 13 to 19
William Stütz - John at age 9 to 12
Georg Tryphon
Frank Witter - House Steward
Amber Bongard - Gisla - Age 11
Mike Braun - Drunken Man
Jack Flack - Johannes - age 3
Thomas Glas - Blacksmith
Sven Hönig - Odilo
Sebastian Hülk - Envoy
Steffen Jurk - Blacksmith's Son
Heiko Kiesow - Norman #1
Gerard Krause - Raftsman
Robert Meller - Monk in Scriptorum
Wolfgang Packhäuser - Milk Merchant
Lutz Potthoff - Page at Villaris
Tabitha Christina Rieger - Johanna von Ingelheim - baby
Jolly Serra - Robber
Amara Wagner - Dhouda - Age 10
Maraile Wagner - Dhouda - Age 6
Barbara Wittman - Blacksmith's Wife
Mohamed Zerwal - Servant in Scriptorum

David's Role:

David played Gerold, who gives the young Johanna shelter only to fall madly in love with her when she blossoms into a beautiful woman.


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Adapted from the novel written by Donna Woolfolk Cross.

The film was made for both theatrical and TV mini-series releases.

Sönke Wortmann liked David's performance in The Boys, Lord of the Rings and The Proposition, and knew he wanted to cast David as Gerold in this film.

Tom Strauss appeared as a catholic priest in Dust.


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