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Return to Jupiter (1997)

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Synopsis and Cast:

A ship is transporting a group of children back to Jupiter to reunite with their families.

Cast List:
Daniel Taylor - Michael
Justin Rosniak - Gerard
Anna Choy - Kumiko
Robyn MacKenzie - Anna
Dominic Elmaloglou - Abraham
Sonia Todd - Cmdr Edwina Dent
Jeanette Cronin - Glovic
Colin Moody - Selby
David Wenham - Dr. Chrobak
Bruce Spence - Ed Unit
Emma Jane Fowler - Zac
Anita Hegh - Samantha
Anthony Ackroyd - Quadro's Voice
Linda Cropper - Computer Voice


Virtual Trust
Space Pirates

David's Role:

He plays Dr. Ghrobak, a bit of a mad scientist but his specialty is electronics/computers. Ghrobak designed a ship callled The Icarus. It took him 12 years to build it. It's first mission is to transport a group of kids back to their parents.

He's very hyper and thinks best when he's jogging, pacing or riding his bike. He's more compassionate than Commander Edwina Dent, and has to take some not so nice remarks from her.


Anita Hegh (Samantha) played a waitress in Cosi and was in the play The Seagull.

Anthony Ackroyd (Quadro) was in the film Gino.

Colin Moody (Selby) played Outsider #2 in No Escape and was in the stage play The Splendids.

Jeanette Cronin (Glovic) was in The Boys as Jackie and Dark City as Stranger.

Bruce Spence (Ed Unit) was in Dark City as Mr. Wall, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King as The Mouth of Sauron, The Brush Off as Philip Veale, Australia as Dr. Barker and in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Kris McQuade was in Roses Are Red, Better Than Sex and Killing Time.

Linda Cropper (computer) was in Answered By Fire.

David Hoey played a Med Tech in the Shipwreck episode. He also appeared in the Police Rescue episode The Cosmic Lightbeam and the play The Headbutt.


Australian Television
Live Action Series: Return to Jupiter
Oz TV Credits: RTJ

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