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Killing Time (2010)

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Synopsis and Cast:

A look back at the tumultuous life of defense lawyer Andrew Fraser and how he wound up in prison.

Cast List:

David Wenham - Andrew Fraser
Diana Glenn - Denise Shanks Fraser
John Brumpton - Peter Dupas
Colin Friels - Lewis Moran
Sean Rees-Wemyss - Lachlan Fraser
Max Fairchild - Ray Edmunds
Paul Moder - Paul Gorman
Kerry Walker - Sheila Fraser
Bethany Whitmore - Olivia Fraser
Terry Norris - Rod Fraser
Kris McQuade - Kath Pettingill
Malcolm Kennard - Victor Peirce
Kate Jenkinson - Wendy Peirce
Reef Ireland - Jason Ryan
Martin Sharpe - Trevor Pettingill
Steve Hayden - Jim the Screw
Nick Farnell - Detective Alan Daniels
Louise Crawford - Sally Fraser
Robert Taylor - Tim Watson-Munro
Richard Cawthorne - Dennis Allen
Frank Sweet - Anthony Farrell Jnr
Neil Melville - Barry Edwards
Shane Connor - Strawhorn
Steve Mouzakis - Chris Baros
Peter Houghton - Detective Alex Schneider
Stephen Hall - Ken Garland
Anthony Engelman - Detective Thorn
Kate Tinkler - Female Reporter
Michele Fawdon - Lorna Shanks
Brett Swain - Prison Officer Griffiths
Fred Whitlock - Leslie Camilleri
Richard La Velle - Prisoner 2
Ngaire Fair - Alison
Sal Galofaro - Prisoner 1
Ullie Birve - Magistrate (Walsh Street)
Alex Menglet - Uri
David Serafin - Gary Abdallah
Nathaniel Kelly - Peter McEvoy
James Taylor - Jedd Houghton
Fletcher Humphrys - Graeme Jensen
Phoenix Harding - Wendy's Daughter
Tony Nikolakopoulos - Manny the Mutt
Rick Tonna - Prison Officer
Nate Harding - Wendy's Son
Tony Annetta - Inmate
Richard Sutherland - Anton Kenny
Eddie Baroo - Gus 'The Dog' McDermott
Gary Nassas - Prison Officer B
Robert Rabiah - Anthony Della Tranta
Ian Bliss - Detective Inspector Patterson
Margot Fenley - DPP & Prosecutor
Steve Adams - Quentin
Denis Moore - Judge Taylor
Terry Carter - AFP Officer 3
Heather Mitchell - Judge Hale
Samantha Tolj - Lauren
Alan King - David Casey
John Wood - Allan Bond
Anthony Hayes - John Bond
Brett Climo - David Ross, QC

David's Role:

David played Andrew Fraser, a defense attorney whose life spirals out of control.


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David said the script was one of those in which he could hear the characters and imagine the scenes very clearly while reading it. He did extensive research for the role, but chose not to meet with Fraser, because he was concerned about losing his objectivity. He felt that by not meeting Fraser, he could give a more honest performance.

The 10-part mini-series did not air in Australia for at least a year, due to legal issues involving a murder trial of one of the real-life characters.

Colin Friels (Lewis Morgan) has been in Dark City and Cosi.

Kerry Walker (Sheila Fraser) was in Poor Man's Orange, played Eugenie Mason in A Little Bit of Soul, Marie in Moulin Rouge!, Myrtle Allsop in Australia, and Sandra in Cosi.

Nicholas Bell played Mr. Rain in Dark City.

The following actors were in The Brush-Off: Heather Mitchell, Alex Menglet, Nick Farnell and Tony Nikolakopoulos.

Heather Mitchell was in A Little Bit of Soul as Grace Michael.

Nick Farnell was in Answered By Fire as Liam.

The following were in SeaChange: Brett Swain (recurring role as Griff), Alex Menglet ("If Fish Could fly"), Sue Jones ("My Own Sweetheart"), Tony Nikolakopoulos ("The Official Story") and Fred Whitlock ("The Accidental Activist").

Alex Menglet appeared in the play Cyrano de Bergerac.

Sue Jones played the Landlady in After the Deluge and the Bank Barrister in The Bank.

Natasha Novak (Dina) appears in Russian Doll as Katia. She was also in an episode of SeaChange, but it was not during David's time on the show.

Kris McQuade (Kath Pettingill) was in Roses Are Red, an episode of Return to Jupiter and played the taxi driver in Better Than Sex.

Thomas Blackburne and Ian Bliss were in The Bank.

Garry Waddell played Lennie in Heartland, Officer Davenport in The Proposition and Dennis Obst in Gettin' Square.

John Brumpton (Peter Dupas) portrayed Lenny Morrison in Gettin' Square.

Robert Morgan (Chief Inspector Damien Spry) played Sergeant Lawrence in The Proposition.

The following actors in this film have also appeared in Three Dollars: Christopher Bunworth (Chamberlain) played Chief Inspector Usher, Peter Houghton (Paul) played Detective Alex Schneider and Terry Norris (Alfred Price) played Rod Fraser.

Eddie Baroo (Gus 'The Dog' McDermott) was in Australia as Bull.

Shane Connor (Strawthorn) had a regular role in Sons and Daughters. David appeared in episode 954. Shane also appeared in Heartland as Ben Lovell and Poor Man's Orange as Charlie Rothe.

Anthony Engelman, Rod Mullinar, Terry Carter and Nathan King were in Simone De Beauvior's Babies.

Samantha Tolj and Stephen Hall were in After the Deluge.

Denis Moore and Aaron Catalan were in Stiff.

Neil Melville was in Oranges and Sunshine.

Anthony Hayes (John Bond) was Stevie Sprague in The Boys.

Brett Climo took over the role of Robbie Doyle in several episodes of The Blue Heelers. David had originated the part in the episode titled Happy Families. Brett was a regular in A Country Practice for a few years. David appeared in the episode titled Learning the Lessons.

John Wood (Allan Bond) was a lead cast member of the TV series Rafferty's Rules and Blue Heelers. David appeared in one episode of Rafferty's Rules and two episodes of The Blue Heelers. Those latter two episodes were Folly of Youth and Happy Families


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