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A Little Bit of Soul (1998)

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Synopsis and Cast:

A scientist finds himself competing against his ex-girlfriend for funding for a youth product they had initially worked on together. They wind up with more than they bargain for when they spend a weekend with a politician and his wife.

Cast List:
Geoffrey Rush - Godfrey Usher
David Wenham - Dr. Richard Shorkinghorn
Frances O'Connor - Kate Haslett
Heather Mitchell - Grace Michael
John Gaden - Dr. Sommerville
Iris Shand - Mrs. Crane
Kerry Walker - Eugenie Mason
Roy Billing - Judge
Jennifer Hagan - The Prosecution
Peter Duncan - The Defence
Paul Blackwell - Hungry Fred
Craig Rasmus - Bobby
Paul Livingston - Chicken Voices
Richard Roxburgh - Voice of Sir Samuel Michael

David's Role:

David played Richard Shorkinghorn a scientist who creates a product that can make one look youthful forever and finds himself dealing with this ex and a couple with a bizarre lifestyle.


Screen Captures


Geoffrey Rush starred with David in the play Hamlet, and the films Legend of the Guardians and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Kerry Walker (Eugenie Mason) was in Poor Man's Orange, played Sandra in Cosi, Marie in Moulin Rouge!, Myrtle Allsop in Australia, and Sheila Fraser in Killing Time.

Paul Livingston was in Dark City.

Frances O'Connor (Kate Haslett) played Tanya in Three Dollars.

Heather Mitchell was in The Brush-Off as Fiona Lambert and Killing Time as Judge Hale.

Peter Duncan (the defence) is the producer/writer/director of the film. was in Come in Spinner, Cosi, Moulin Rouge, Australia and Killing Time.

Richard Roxburgh has worked with David in several projects including the plays That Eye, The Sky, Hamlet and Blue Remembered Hills, and the films Moulin Rouge, Van Helsing and Legend of the Guardians.

John Gaden (Dr. Sommerville) was in the play The Seagull.




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