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Married Life (2008)

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Synopsis and Cast:

Harry, Pat and Richard are good friends. Harry and Pat have been married for years now and seem content on the surface. When Kay enters the picture, however, things change dramatically.

Cast List:
Chris Cooper - Harry Allen
Annabel Kershaw - Miss Jones
Pierce Brosnan - Richard Langley
Patricia Clarkson - Pat Allen
Rachel McAdams - Kay Nesbitt
Sheila Paterson - Mrs. Walsh
David Richmond-Peck - Tom
Erin Boyes - Becky
Elijah St. Germain - Little Charlie
Terence Kelly - Dr. Anderson
Timothy Webber - Alvin Walters
Rebecca Codling - Photo Store Clerk
David Wenham - John O'Brien
Dolores Drake - Cinema Cashier
Malcolm Boddington - Well-Tailored Man
Carrie Fleming - Operator
Sean Tyson - Policeman
Ty Olsson - Policeman
Mike Cook - Charade Player
Kathleen Duborg - Charade Player
Dale Floyd - Charade Player
Fred Keating - Charade Player
Suzanne Ristic - Charade Player
Alex Stevens - Charade Player
Anna Williams - O'Brien's Girlfriend

David's Role:

David played John O'Brien, a friend of Harry and Pat.


Based on the novel Five Roundabouts to Heaven by John Bingham.

The character in the book was called Jim O'Brien.

David has always admired the work of Patricia Clarkson, so he was thrilled to be working with her.


Aussie actor cast with Pierce Brosnan -
Yahoo News, September 15, 2006
"Australian actor David Wenham has been cast in a support role alongside Pierce Brosnan and
Rachel McAdams in an upcoming Hollywood flick called Marriage.... Brosnan has described Wenham
as a "good lad".... 'He is a good lad, we had a nice time together,' Brosnan told AAP....
'He has a good sense of humour.'"


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