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A Country Practice: Mozart Rules (part 2) (1987)

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Synopsis and Cast:

A tragic accident rocks the town.

Cast List:
John Hanlon - Dr. Terence Elliott
Lorrae Desmond - Shirley Dean Gilroy
Brian Wenzel - Sergeant Frank Gilroy
Diane Smith - Dr. Alex 'Fraser' Elliott
Caroline Johansson - Donna Manning
Kate Raison - Cathy Hayden
Nicholas Bufalo - Dr. Ben Green
Josephine Mitchell - Jo 'Loveday' Langley
Gordon Piper - Bob Hatfield
Syd Heylen - Vernon 'Cookie' Locke
Joyce Jacobs - Esme Watson
Joan Sydney - Matron Margaret 'Maggie' Sloan
Robin Bowering - Syd Foster
Bernadette Hayes - Sue Daley
Jim Kemp - Dan Richards
Emily Leiding - Penny Richards
Mark Owen-Taylor - Peter Manning
Tom Richards - Ron Kelly
Peggy Thompson - Peg Kelly
David Wenham - Ambulanceman 1

David's Role:

David played ambulanceman #1. He's the only ambulance attendant with a line, but it's just one line.


This was the second of a two-part episode (most episode on this show were 2-parters). David did not appear in part 1.

This is the first of three appearances David made on this show. The other two were Learning the Lessons and It's My Party.

John Hanlon and Joyce Jacobs were two of the few regular cast members to be around through all three of David's appearances. Brian Wenzel was in two of David's appearances, but did not appear in Learning the Lessons. However, David's character served as his substitute in that episode.

Nicholas Bufalo (Dr. Green) starred in the film Gino.

The following actors were in the episode titled Learning the Lessons: Nicholas Bufalo, Lorrae Desmond, Diane Smith, Kate Raison, Josephine Mitchell, Gordon Piper, Syd Heylen, Bernadette Hayes and Emily Leiding.

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