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No Escape (1994)

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Synopsis and Cast:

Arrested for murdering his superior officer, J.T. Robbins is sent to a prison in which the only way you leave is in a body bag.

Cast List:
Ray Liotta - Capt. J.T. Robbins
Lance Henriksen - The Father
Stuart Wilson - Walter Marek
Kevin Dillon - Casey
Kevin J. O'Connor - Stephano
Don Henderson - Killian
Ian McNeice - King
Jack Shepherd - Dysart
Michael Lerner - The Warden
Ernie Hudson - Hawkins
Russell Kiefel - Iceman
Brian M. Logan - Scab
Cheuk-Fai Chan - Skull
Machs Colombani - Ratman
David Argue - Cellmate
Stephen Shanahan - Screaming Inmate
Dominic Bianco - Ralph
Justin Monjo - Technician #1
Brandon Burke - Technician #2
Stan Kouros - NCO
Ron Vreeken - Biker
Scott Lowe - Skinhead
Colin Moody - Outsider #2
Richard Carter - Sleeping Sentry
Boris Brkic - Hotel Guard #1
David Wenham - Hotel Guard #2
Vic Wilson - Military Officer
Chris Hargreaves - Prison Guard
Jim Richards - Executioner
Wilfred Woodrow - Bola Thrower
Greg Robinson - Spiked Log Tree Man
Paul Witton - Knife Thrower
Steven Spinaze - Chopper Co-Pilot
Serge Dekin - Chopper Pilot
Ric Herbert - Insider
James Costas - Insider
Barry Duffield - Prison Guard
Gordon Waddell - Weed

David's Role:

David had a small part as Hotel Guard #2. He had no lines. He and his partner are distracted from their duty, which causes them to lose their prisoner.


Russell Kiefel was in the plays Hamlet and The Tempest.

Brandon Burke (Technician #2) was in Poor Man's Orange as Tommy Mendel.

Scott Lowe (Skinhead) played Patrick in Heartland.

Colin Moody (Outsider #2) played Selby in Return to Jupiter, and was in the stage play The Splendids.

Richard Carter played Merv in Heartland, the Big Bloke in Idiot Box and Craig 'Crusher' Knobes in Gettin' Square.

Boris Brkic (Hotel Guard #1) not only worked with David in this film, but also appeared in the Police Rescue episode titled The cosmic Lightbeam. He also was in the film The Proposition.

Greg Robinson (Spiked Log Tree Man) played a stage hand in Moulin Rouge.

Justin Monjo (Technician #1) was in Dark City.

Stuntman Brian Ellison played Rigger in Cosi. He was also a stunt double for actor Bob Maza in Heartland.

Stuntmen Shea Adams and John Walton had roles in Australia.

Shea did stunt work for Dark City.

John Walton did stunts for Idiot Box and Moulin Rouge.

Stuntman Kerry Blakeman played Cole in the Police Rescue episode titled The cosmic Lightbeam.

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