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A Country Practice: It's My Party (1992)

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Synopsis and Cast:

Hugo befriends auto mechanic David Cornish, who he discovers requires regular dialysis, but David's continued disregard for his treatments lands him in hospital.

Cast List:
John Hanlon - Dr. Terence Elliott
Joyce Jacobs - Esme Watson
Kym Wilson - Darcy Hudson
Brian Wenzel - Frank Gilroy
Michelle Pettigrove - Sister Kate Bryant
Maureen Edwards - Matron Rosemary Prior
Andrew Blackman - Dr. Harry Morrison
Judith McGrath - Bernice Hudson
Gavin Harrison - Hugo Strzelecki
Jon Concannon - Sergeant Tom Newman
Anne Looby - Anna Lacey
Leone Carey - Shelley Winston
Jamie Croft - Billy Moss
Julie Breen - Wendy
Mitch Mathews - Pearl White
Fred Welsh - Eric 'Podge' McKeever
Paul Coolahan - Des Felton
André Eikmeier - Aiden Walker
David Wenham - David Cornish
Paul Williams - Dr. Gordon Mason

David's Role:

David played David Cornish, a mechanic who is suffering from kidney failure. He makes a fatal decision and battles the doctors about it.


This is the last of three appearances David made on this show. The other two were Mozart Rules and Learning the Lessons.

John Hanlon and Joyce Jacobs were two of the few regular cast members to be around through all three of David's appearances. Brian Wenzel did not appear in this episode, but was in the other two. David's character served as his substitute in this episode.

Maureen Edwards was in The Bank.

Anne Looby was in Simone De Beauvior's Babies.

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