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Poor Man's Orange (1987)

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Synopsis and Cast:

Sequel to Harp of the South. A drama set in the 1950's about a family of five who adjusts to their new life in Sydney.

Cast List:
Anne Phelan - Mumma Darcy
Martyn Sanderson - Hughie Darcy
Kaarin Fairfax - Dolour Darcy
Anna Hruby - Roie Rothe
Shane Connor - Charlie Rothe
Syd Conabere - Pat Diamond
Lois Ramsey - Mrs. Campion
Ron Shand - Bumper Reilly
Emily Nicol - Matty Rothe
Cecil Parkee - Lick Jimmy
Carole Skinner - Delie Stock
Charles 'Bud' Tingwell - Father Cooley
Kerry Walker - Miss Moon
Brandon Burke - Tommy Mendel
Susan Leith - Francie
Pat Thomson - Mrs. Drummy
Connor Fitzpatrick - Harry Drummy
Robert Baxter - Mr. Drummy
Felicity Soper - Gracie Drummy
Roger Ward - Mr. Kilroy
Denise Otto - Mrs. Kilroy
Rose Clemente - Seppa
Garth Meade - The Kidger
Simon Gratton - Birdie Wren
Kirrily Nolan - Sister Theophilus
Franca Rubiu - Mrs. Sicilino
Peter Carmody - Wally
Ella-Mei Wong - Lick Jimmy's Wife
Clive Marshall - Ted
Tony Liu - Lick's Son
Saviour Sammut - Dimitri
Terry Woo - Sam Gooey
Queenie Ashton - Mrs. Casement
Melissa Bickerton - Dental Nurse
Kris Bidenko - Shirley
Louise Blackwell - Judy
Stephen Boyle - Student Dr Jackson
Jean Calver - Mrs. Emmett
Peter Corbett - Will the Foreman
Archer Cox - Newborn Mikey
Colin Croft - Drunk
Christopher Cummings - Topper
Robert Davis - Role's Doctor
Susie Edmonds - Nursing Sister
Scott Ferguson - Student Dr Steele
Francis Flannagan - Mr. Casement
Annie Forday - Lick's granddaughter-in-law
John Godden - Nipper
Kristoffer Greaves - Christmas Day Policeman
Ross Hall - Student Dr. Thompson
Brendan Han - Roger Bubba
Wahid Iddi - Lex
Michael Kent - Joe
Guy Le Claire - Dolour's doctor
Kath Leahy - Street Neighbour #1
Lynette Lee - Lick's granddaughter
Paul Lee - Lick's grandson #1
Terri Lowe - Sharlee
Kirsty Meares - Suse Kilroy
Joan Millar - Street Neighbour #2
Peter Miller - Student Dr. McAlpine
Richard Mills - Policeman
Ann Morgan - Street Woman
Lester Morris - Hot Dog Man
Martin Mowlam - Dentist
Alain Nguyen Dinh - Chinese Man
James Parkes - Mikey aged 4-6 months
May Pusey - Sister Rose
Andrew Quan - Lick's grandson #2
Stan Roach - Angus McIntosh
George Rubiu - Mr. Sicilino
Kevin Scully - Reporter
Ken Snodgrass - Ernie
N.K. Soo - Sam's friend
Valerie Thompson - Eye Hospital Sister
David Wenham - Party Youth
Christina Youhanna - Florentina

David's Role:

David had a small role as a "party youth".


From the novel authored by Ruth Park.

Shane Connor (Charlie Rothe) and Lester Morris (Hot Dog Man) had regular roles in Sons and Daughters. David appeared in episode 954.

Shane also appeared in Heartland as Ben Lovell and Killing Time as Strawhorn.

Rose Clemente (Seppa) was in Gino as Mrs. Palizetti.

Brandon Burke (Tommy Mendel) was in No Escape as Technician #2.

Carole Skinner was in Moulin Rouge.

Syd Conabere was in Greenkeeping.

Kerry Walker (Miss Moon) played Mrs. Molesworth in Come in Spinner, Sylvia in Heartland, Sandra in Cosi, Eugenie Mason in A Little Bit of Soul, Marie in Moulin Rouge, Myrtle Allsop in Australia and Sheila Fraser in Killing Time.

Kristoffer Greaves was in Greenkeeping and Heartland.

Ann Phelan was in Simone De Beauvior's Babies.

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