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Seeing Red (1992)

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Synopsis and Cast:

From All Movie Guide: A writer about to publish a book on corruption searches for his son who he believes has been kidnapped by the businessmen he is set to expose.

Cast List:
Tony Llewellyn-Jones - Duncan Banks
Peter Sumner - Gorman
Zoe Carides - Red Sessions
Peta Toppano - Vivian
Henri Szeps - Louie Leeds
George Spartels - Mark
Hugh Llewellyn-Jones - Hugh Banks
Anne Louise Lambert - Amanda
David Field - William
David Wenham - Frank No. 2
Anthony Brandon Wong - Nyguen
Jean Heard - Clarice
Peter Sumner - Gorman


Tony Llewellyn-Jones (Duncan Banks) played Kirner in Cosi. He also appeared in the Paul Cox documentary On Borrowed Time.

David Field (William) was in the stage productions of Cosi and The Boys, as well as the film Gettin Square.

Zoe Carides (Red Sessions) was in Heartland as Shelley and Gino as Lucia Petri.

Henri Szeps (Louie Leeds) appeared in the same episode of G.P. as David, titled Unlived Lives.

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