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Roses are Red (1995)

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Synopsis and Cast:

It's an endearing story about a traffic cop who falls for a flower seller.

Cast List:
Michael Farley - Street Kid
Dina Gillespie - Lover
Mary Heard - Drunk
Marc Kuzma - Tranny
Jenny Lavelle - Fatima
Jun Li - Chinese Waiter
Jacqueline McKenzie - Joy
Kris McQuade - Di
David Murrey - Petrol Man
Billy O'Riordan - Tranny
Richard Payten - Lover
Skye Wansey - Business Woman
David Wenham - Brian

David's Role:

David played Brian the flower seller who mistakes a love note on his windshield for a traffic ticket.


Producer Robert Connelly produced The Boys. He also worked with David in The Bank, and Three Dollars.

Jacqueline McKenzie starred in the stage productions of Hamlet. She also appears in the Paul Cox documentary On Borrowed Time.

Kris McQuade (Di) was in Better Than Sex as the taxi driver, an episode of Return to Jupiter and played Kath Pettingill in Killing Time

Dina Gillespie was in Better Than Sex.

Skye Wansey (business woman) was in Tran the Man as a Deb and Cosi as Ms. Spock.


A fine way to earn a living -
Sydney Morning Herald, January 30, 1995
"Hayward's film is a simple narrative about a parking cop named Joy (Jacqueline McKenzie) who develops
a crush on a rose-seller, Brian (David Wenham). The story plays on our natural dislike for the ticket-writers,
with Joy's unexpected naivete confronting Brian's blind scepticism."

Shorts Just the Ticket -
Herald Sun, February 1, 1995
"However, the ABC has wisely chosen to open with Roses Are Red, a light-hearted 12-minute drama with familiar
faces in the leading roles.... Joy's night suddenly takes on a tinge of excitement when she keeps crossing the
path of Brian (David Wenham), a hard-sell merchant peddling roses to restaurant diners. It's when she leaves a
message on his windscreen - and he thinks it's a ticket - that the plot really thickens."

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