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Jack Simpson: A Willesee Documentary (1987)

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Synopsis and Cast:

John Simpson is a medic who plays by his own rules, but gets the job done. He's noted for his heroic acts during the famous battle for Gallipoli. Simpson risked his life many times to save wounded and bring them back to the base station.

Cast List:
David Atfield - Wounded Soldier #2
Peter Fisher - Private Grimshaw
Lyndon Harris - Captain Fry
Kevin Healy - Colonel Ryan
Anthony Ingersent - General Bridges
Mark McAskill - Private Pratley
Warwick Moss - Sergeant Hookway
Monroe Reimers - Mohammed Baksh
Vic Rooney - Lr. Col Sutton
Peter Turnbull - Private Gillies
Robert Willox - Private Jack Simpson
David Wenham - Private Parsons

David's Role:

David played Private Parsons, a wounded soldier who comments on the conditions facing the wounded.


Peter Turnbull (Private Gillies) had a regular role in Sons and Daughters. David appeared in episode 954.

Anthony Ingersent (General Bridges) also appeared in that episode of Sons and Daughters.

Warwick Moss (Sergeant Hookway) played a Sport Waiter in Come in Spinner.

Robert Willox (Private Jack Simpson) was in the stage play Blue Remembered Hills.

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