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Sons and Daughers: Episode 954 (1987)

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Synopsis and Cast:

Overall series plot: A chance meeting revives the link between the Hamiltons in Sydney and the Palmers in Melbourne. Twins, separated at birth, meet twenty years later after growing up in different cities and circumstances.

Cast List:
Brian Blain - Gordon Hamilton
Pat McDonald - Fiona Thompson
Ian Rawlings - Wayne Hamilton
Belinda Giblin - Alison Carr
Daniel Roberts - Andy Green
Sarah Kemp - Charlie Bartlett
Abigail - Caroline Fletcher
Melissa Docker - Sarah Hudson
Phillip Spencer Harris - Michael Benson
Leila Hayes - Beryl Hamilton
Anthony Ingersent - Ron Pryor
Tom Jennings - Greg Hudson
Shannon Kenny - Debbie Halliday
Oriana Panozzo - Susan Hamilton
Jared Robinson - Craig Maxwell
Normie Rowe - Doug Fletcher
Rima Te Wiata - Janice Reid
David Wenham - Debt Collector

David's Role:

David played a debt collector who uses threats to get what he wanted.


David is only in one scene.

Steven Tandy, Jared Robinson and Leo Taylor appeared in Gettin' Square.

Jared Robinson also had a role in Answered By Fire.

Shane Connor and Lester Morris were in Poor Man's Orange.

Shane also appeared in Heartland as Ben Lovell and Killing Time as Strawhorn.

Peter Turnbull and Anthony Ingersent were in Jack Simpson: A Willesee Documentary.

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