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Come in Spinner (1990)

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Synopsis and Cast:

Four working class women struggle with stereotypes and romance, while trying not to be fired from their jobs.

Cast List:
Lisa Harrow - Claire Jeffries
Kerry Armstrong - Deb Forrest
Rebecca Gibney - Guinea Malone
Rhys McConnochie - Angus McFarland
Gary Day - Nigel Carstairs
Jay Hackett - Kim Scott
Justine Clarke - Monnie Malone
Susan Lyons - Dallas McIntyre
Kerry Walker - Mrs. Molesworth
Martin Vaughan - Blue
Leverne McDonnell - Ursula Cronin
Valerie Bader - Elvira
Peter Whitford - Mr. Sharlton
Pat Bishop - Mrs. D'Arcy-Twining
Lucinda Jones - Denise D'Arcy-Twining
Russell Newman - Mr. D'Arcy-Twining
Sonia Todd - Helen McFarland
Judi Farr - Mrs. Gartred
Zoe Bertram - Nolly
Rebecca Smart - Luen
Peter Browne - Tom
Gillian Jones - Mrs. Malone
Brian Harrison - Mr. Malone
Monica Maughan - Mrs. Scott
Rebecca Rigg - Shirley Noonan
Warwick Moss - Sport Walter
Randall Berger - Maj. Lew 'Alfalfa' Alfrickson, U.S. Army
Linden Wilkinson - Barbara Carstairs
Tyler Coppin - Calvin
Tim McKenzie - Lofty
Vince Jones - Singer
Bryan Marshall - Byron
Gary Sweet - Jack
Ken Radley - Kim Scott
Rob Steele
David Wenham - Australian Soldier
Nick Enright
Katherine Hynes - Woman in beauty salon

David's Role:

David played a small part at the end of the film as an Australian soldier who happens upon a couple of people who appear to be playing the game Come In Spinner.


Adapted from the novel authored by Dymphna Cusack and Florence James.

Dymphna Cusack wrote the novel Southern Steel, which was adapted into a play that David starred in.

The following cast members had a regular or recurring role in Police Rescue and had appeared in the episode, The Cosmic Lightbeam, in which David had a guest role: Kerry Armstrong, Sonia Todd,Gary Sweet, Peter Browne and Tim McKenzie.

Kerry Armstrong (Deb Forrest) has also worked with David in SeaChange as Heather Jelly.

Sonia Todd was a regular in Return to Jupiter, and starred in Simone De Beauvior's Babies.

Peter Browne played Sergeant in Idiot Box.

Peter Whitford (Mr. Sharlton) played the stage manager in Moulin Rouge.

Kerry Walker was in Poor Man's Orange, played Marie in Moulin Rouge, played Eugenie Mason in A Little Bit of Soul, Sandra in Cosi, Myrtle Allsop in Australia, and Sheila Fraser in Killing Time.

Gillian Jones was in the play The Tempest.

Tyler Coppin was in Three Dollars.

Rhys McConnochie (Angus McFarland) played a reverend in After the Deluge.

Justine Clarke (Monnie Malone) played Salina in The Brush-Off.

Leverne McDonnell (Ursula Cronin) played Dealer in the short film Trunk and Dianne in Simone De Beauvior's Babies.

Warwick Moss (Sport Waiter) played Sergeant Hookway in Jack Simpson: A Willesee Documentary.

Jazz musician Vince Jones wrote and performed on the soundtrack to Russian Doll.

Ken Radley (Kim Scott) played Sid in the SeaChange episode One of the Gang.

Judi Farr (Mrs. Gartred) and Valerie Bader (Elvira) did a staged reading of The Human Behan with David in 1993.

Judi Farr was also in Tartuffe.

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