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The Splendids

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Synopsis and Cast:

A drama about what unfolds when a group of gangsters find out that their hotel is surrounded by police.

Cast List:
David Wenham - Bob
Ralph Cotterill - Scott
Jacek Koman - Jean
Daniel Rigney - policeman
Colin Moody
Teo Gebert - Bravo
Joel McIlroy
Leigh Russell
Bogdan Koca

David's Role:

David played Bob. One of the gangsters.


David's summary of the play: "It's about a bunch of petty crooks who have made a mistake.... It's like dancing to poetry. It's very bleak, very dark."

Jacek Koman was in Hamlet, The Tempest, Tartuffe, Simone De Beauvior's Babies, Moulin Rouge and Australia.

Ralph Cotterill was in Hamlet, The Tempest and The Proposition as Dr. Bantrey.

Teo Gebert (Bravo) played a policeman in the film version of The Boys.

Colin Moody played Outsider #2 in No Escape and Selby in Return to Jupiter.

Leigh Russell played a taxi driver in David's episode of Twisted Tales called The Test, and Dave in Greenkeeping.

Bogdan Koka was in The Proposition as Paul Broussard.


Splendid Mismatch -
Green Left Weekly, July 19, 1995

Party Before the Storm -
The Sydney Morning Herald, April 23, 1995
"Jean Genet's Splendid's (opening in July), with Wenham and Koman in a cast directed by Jim Sharman."

Power Games the Pulse for Genet's Dance of Death -
The Sydney Morning Herald, July 12, 1995
"Otherwise it's a young cast - David Wenham, Daniel Rigney, Colin Moody, Teo Gebert, Joel McIlroy,
Leigh Russell - who work excellently as a group, responding well to Koca's eye for detail."

Machine-Gun Surrealism -
The Sun Herald, July 15, 1995
"All the other actors on this stage add particular detail and audacity to Genet's grim canvas -
like Moody's dangerous Riton, for example; Ralph Cotterill's Scott with his cruel decadence; Teo
Gebert's puffed-up, hot-headed Bravo; or David Wenham's Bob, all unpredictable, bright-eyed evil."

Genet's Men at Play -
The Sydney Morning Herald, July 20, 1995:
"As David Wenham, one of the energetic stars of the show, says: "Close to nothing happens,
but it's absolutely fascinating to watch.... It's about a bunch of petty crooks who have
made a mistake....' This Belvoir version (conceived by Jim Sharman and directed by Bogdan Koca)
is like 'dancing to poetry', as Wenham says. 'It's very bleak, very dark. And now we're playing
to audiences, a lot of the humour and irreverence is coming out.'"



Performance Dates:

Belvoir Street Theatre: July - August 1995.

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