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Southern Steel

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Justin Collins
Ron Graham
Susie Porter
Barry Shepherd
Nancy Tarran
David Wenham - Landy Swanston


Adapted from the novel authored by Dymphna Cusack

Dymphna Cusack co-wrote the novel Come In Spinner, which was adapted into a film that David appeared in.

Susie Porter was also in the films Idiot Box and Better Than Sex.


Organised Mayhem, but Class Emerges -

The Sun Herald, September 21, 1991:
"Standards are uniformly high, with Ron Graham and David Wenham (the red-haired brother in The Boys)
joining five local actors in what ought to be Newcastle's most popular show for a long time."

Take 10 - Barry Shepherd -
Newcastle Herald, February 26, 2011



Performance Dates:

The play was performed in September of 1991 at the Newcastle Playhouse.

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