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Oranges and Sunshine (2010)

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Synopsis and Cast:

True story of Social Worker Margaret Humphries who uncovers a horrific scandal involving the mass deportation of British children to Australia.

Cast List:
Hugo Weaving - Jack
David Wenham - Len
Emily Watson - Margaret Humphreys
Lorraine Ashbourne - Nicky
Tara Morice - Pauline
Clayton Watson - CM (voice)
Aisling Loftus - Susie
Richard Dillane - Merv
Kate Box - Radio studio receptionist
Russell Dykstra - Dan
Stuart Wolfenden - Bill
Ruth Rickman - Orphan
Geoff Morrell - Walter
Greg Stone - Bob
Marg Downey - Miss Hutchison
Alastair Cumming - Australia House Official
Helen Grayson - Bureaucrat
Neil Melville - Monsignor Brutin
Neil Pigot
Adam Morgan - The Intruder
Kate Rutter - Vera
Molly Windsor
Carolina Giammetta - Charity Rep
Neil May - Councillor
Harvey Scrimshaw - Ben
Federay Holmes - Charlotte
Adam Tedder - Doctor
John Robinson - Researcher in library
Tammy Wakefield - Susan
Margaret Turner - Orphan
Tess O'Flaherty - Orphan
Kurt Bayly - Hotel Attendee
Jude Henshall - Radio interviewer
Marie Wheeler-King - Rita

David's Role:

David played Len, a troubled, guarded man who shares his experiences with Margaret.


Cinefest Oz 2011
Inside Film Awards 2011
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David has been nominated for a Best Actor 2011 Inside Film Award.

From the book by Margaret Humphries titled Empty Cradles.

David's character is an amalgamation of a few people. He had trouble relating to Len at first, but when he visited with one of the child migrants Len is based upon he got a gasp of the complexities and motivations of his character.

Emily Watson (Margaret Humphries) was in The Proposition as Martha Stanley.

Hugo Weaving worked with David on a few projects including the play That Eye, The Sky, and the films Russian Doll, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, After the Deluge, and Legend of the Guardians. He also had a role in the film Little Fish, which was adapted from the short film Tran the Man.

Tara Morice (Pauline) played a prostitute in Moulin Rouge, Dianne in After the Deluge and Helen Waldman in Answered By Fire.

Greg Stone was in the episode of SeaChange titled "The Official Story", and in the film The Bank.

Neil Melville (Monsignor Brutin) was in Killing Time as Barry Edwards.

Geoff Morrell played Serge in ART.


Cinefest Oz
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