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Murray Whelan: The Brush-Off (2004)

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Synopsis and Cast:

Another death has MP Angelo Agnelli nervous. Once again he orders Murray Whelan to get things cleared up.

Cast List:

David Wenham - Murray Whelan
Mick Molloy - Angelo Agnelli
Deborah Kennedy - Trish
Steve Bisley - Eastlake
Julian O'Donnell - Red Whelan
Justine Clarke - Salina
Leah Vandenberg - Claire Sutton
Andrew S. Gilbert - Duncan Keogh
Heather Mitchell - Fiona Lambert
Bruce Spence - Philip Veale
John Clarke - Ken Sproule
Robyn Butler - Wendy Whelan
Alex Menglet - Max Katyn
Joel Tobeck - Spider
Ron Falk - Giles Aubrey
Tracy Mann - Faye Curnow
Matthew Spencer - Tark Curnow
Julie Forsyth - Bernice Kaufman
Robert Grubb - Det. Sen. Con. Micaelis
Gerard Kennedy - Bob
Nicholas Crawford-Smith - Leo Curnow
Nick Farnell - Marcus
Tony Nikolakopoulos - Mavramoustakides
David Gauci - Jimmy Papas
Nicole Nabout - Sophie Mavramoustakides
Anthea Davis - Officer Landscape
Simon Russell - Cop
Alex Capelli - Youth
Owen Luby - Small Boy
Margaret Ricketts - Old Woman
Joe Ferguson - Agnelli's Minder
Tammy Fitzgerald - Trish's Assistant
Grace Savage - Grace Sutton
Helena Lee - Wendy Katyn
Elena Neill - Ayla Katyn
Vannessa Makridis - Dignitary
Shane Maloney - Dignitary
Nicci Dillon - Arts Ministry Mandarin
Arisa Yura - Receptionist
Rowan Freeman - Security Guard
Lloyd Stuart - Party Guest
Helena Ruse - Child at House
Jesse Ruse - Child at House
Sean Ruse - Child at House
Wayne Hyett - Richard
Andrew Dyson - Fire Juggler
Joanne Duffy - Police Person
Kieron O'Leary - Police Person
Sharon Fenech - Police Person
Ben Grogan - Raph Barista

David's Role:

David played Murray Whelan who reluctantly sets off the solve the case, while getting himself mired in some tricky situations.


Screen Captures


David was nominated for an AFI (Australian Film Institute) award.

Sequel to Stiff. David was an Associate Producer for both films with Sam Neill and John Clarke serving as co-producers. The scripts were written by John Clarke who adapted them from novels written by Shane Moloney.

David was an avid fan of the novels long before he was approached to do the films.

There had been plans to film the rest of the books, but the network decided not to commission them.

David liked the way Murray oberserves the world around him. He described Murray as the closest character to himself, because they both came from similar backgrounds. He said he related to Murray from the first time he read the novel.

Filming was on a short, 20-day timetable. This meant little or no downtime between shots and no time for rehearsals, which allowed for more spontenaity. David found the experience exhilarating. Most every shot was done on the first take.

Sam Neill directed this film. He has a small part in first film as Lionel Merricks. He has also appeared in the films Molokai and Legend of the Guardians.

John Clarke, who directed the first film, portrays Ken Sproule in this one.

He also appears in the Paul Cox documentary On Borrowed Time.

He always had David in mind for the part. He once said that David is "a brilliant actor: he could read the alphabet well."

Shane Moloney makes a cameo in this film as a dignitary.

The following cast members appeared in Stiff: Deborah Kennedy, Mick Molloy, Julian O'Donnell, Robyn Butler and Tammy Fitzgerald.

Deborah Kennedy was in the film Idiot Box.

The following actors appeared in Killing Time: Heather Mitchell, Alex Menglet, Nick Farnell and Tony Nikolakopoulos.

Heather Mitchell was in A Little Bit of Soul as Grace Michael.

Nick Farnell was in Answered By Fire as Liam.

The following were in SeaChange: Alex Menglet ("If Fish Could fly"), Robert Grubb ("Love Me or Leave Me" and "Sex, Death and Bridges") and Tony Nikolakopoulos ("The Official Story").

Alex Menglet appeared in the play Cyrano de Bergerac.

Robert Grubb (Detective Senior Constable Micaelis) was in After the Deluge as Simon.

Leah Vandenberg was in Better Than Sex.

These actors were in Three Dollars: Kieron O'Leary, Nicole Nabout and Julie Forsyth.

Justine Clarke (Salina) played Monnie Malone in Come In Spinner.

Bruce Spence was in Dark City as Mr. Wall, Return to Jupiter as Ed Unit, The Brush Off as Philip Veale, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King as (The Mouth of Sauron) Australia as Dr. Barker and in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

Members of the crew have cameos in this film. Wayne Hyett, Editor of both this film and Stiff, played Richard, while Production Runner for both films, Ben Grogan played Raph Barista.


Mr. John Clarke
Huntaway Films
Two Paddocks Pinot Noir, Central Otago, New Zealand
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