Wenham Wonderland
Acting Career: Professional Theatre


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Synopsis and Cast:

The story about an otherwise intelligent man who is so incapable of distinguishing between reality and appearance that he signs over his property to an egregious priest...a satire on moral absolutism.

Cast List:
Paul Blackwell - Orgon
Louise Fox - Dorine
Melita Jurisic - Elmire
Mitchell Butel - Damis
Judy Farr - Grandma
Jacek Koman - Tartuffe
David Wenham - Cleante
Russell Cheek

David's Role:

David played Bob. One of the gangsters.


Jacek Koman was in Hamlet, The Tempest, The Splendids, Simone De Beauvior's Babies, Moulin Rouge and Australia.

Mitchell Butel (Damis) appeared in the play Blue Remembered Hills as John. He also appeared in the films The Bank as Stephen and Gettin' Square as Con Katsakis.

Judy Farr was in Come in Spinner, and the play The Human Behan.

Paul Blackwell played Hungry Fred in A Little Bit of Soul.


Hilarious, anarchic Tartuffe.... -
The Sydney Morning Herald, May 15, 1997
"David Wenham solves the problem of Cleante's inordinate moralising (the only way Moliere could have
ever got his satire past the censors) by playing the character up as a nagging effeminate."

Tartuffe Goes Tinsel Town -
The Financial Review, May 22, 1997:
"The distortion of Moliere's intentions is nowhere clearer than in Cleante, Orgon's brother-in-law,
who warns Orgon about his fixation on Tartuffe. David Wenham is required to play him as an insincere
and stupid queen. Actually, his humanist assertion that vice and virtue cannot be absolutely separated
is crucial to the play."



Performance Dates:

Sydney Theatre Company: May - June 1997.

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