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Three Dollars (2005)

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Synopsis and Cast:

Cast List:
David Wenham - Eddie Harnovey
Sarah Wynter - Amanda
Nico Billeam - Tiny
Christopher Bunworth - Chamberlain
David Roberts - Gerard
Frances O'Connor - Tanya Harnovey
Joanna Hunt-Prokhovnik - Abby Harnovey
Phillip Griffiths - Young Eddie Harnovey
Casey Petersen - Young Amanda
Helen Fletcher - Amanda's Mother
Phil Jones - Mr. Claremont
Kieron O'Leary - Young Eddie's Father
Jamie Robertson - Record Shop Assistant
John Flaus - Old Man Williamson
Nicole Nabout - Kate
Elspeth Ballantyne - Eddie's Mother
Jim Alexander - Eddie's Father
Jerome Pride - Helicopter Pilot
Peter Houghton - Paul
Keryn Hough - Cafeteria Assistant
Robert Menzies - Nick
Terry Norris - Alfred Price
Dion Solihin - Doctor
Craig Madden - Gang Member
Adam Cooper - Gang Member
Deryk Lock - Gang Member
Brent Lister - Gang Member
Michael Ngan - Asian Student
Marc Ngan - Asian Student
Rowen Chen - Asian Student
Alice Barbieri - Gerard's Assistant
Tyler Coppin - Giles
Silas Teoteo - Security Guard
Jackie Kelleher - Aspirin Lady
Julie Forsyth - Tailor
Margaret Geurts - Affinity Receptionist
Julia Blake - Tanya's mother
Tom Budge - Chicken Shop Assistant
Frank Kennedy - Homeless Man
Lee Perry - TV Voice (voice)

David's Role:

David played Eddie, a land surveyor whose life turns upside down at the mention of an old flame.


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Adapted from the novel written by Elliot Perlman.

David spent the day at a testing lab to research the part.

The helicopter scene got a bit too close for comfort when the pilot flew in a bit close to David. He landed face first onto the ground and lay still as the copter flew off, scaring some of the crew. Then he got to his feet, walked over to director Rober Connolly and said, "You're turn."

He and Frances O'Connor took Joanna Hunt-Prokhovnik to the movies in order for them to build the relationship they would need to depict in the film.

Robert Connelly worked with David in The Bank. He also produced The Boys and the short film Roses are Red.

Producer John Maynard also produced The Boys and The Bank.

Frances O'Connor (Tanya Harnovey) played Kate Haslett in A Little Bit of Soul. David and Frances had wanted to work together again since they did the film.

The following actors in this film have also appeared in Killing Time: Christopher Bunworth (Chamberlain) played Chief Inspector Usher, Peter Houghton (Paul) played Detective Alex Schneider and Terry Norris (Alfred Price) played Rod Fraser.

These actors were in The Brush-Off: Kieron O'Leary, Nicole Nabout and Julie Forsyth.

David Roberts (Gerard) played Niall Toole in Gettin' Square.

Craig Madden (gang member) appeared in The Bank.

Phil Jones worked as a First Assistant Director in The Bank.

John Flaus (Old Man Williamson) played Alf in the SeaChange episode titled "Sex, Death and Bridges".

Jim Alexander (Eddie's Father) played Defendent #2 in an episode of Seachange titled "Full Fathom Five".

Tyler Coppin was in Come in Spinner.

Tom Budge was in The Proposition.

Julia Blake (Tanya's mother) appeared in the Paul Cox documentary On Borrowed Time.

Musical Director Alan John has done music for the following plays and movies: The Headbutt, The Tempest and The Bank.


David Interview with Jay and the Doctor part 1
David Interview with Jay and the Doctor part 2


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