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Acting Career: Professional Theatre

True West

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Synopsis and Cast:

Two brothers compete against each other to write a screenplay.

Cast List:
David Tredinnick - Austin
David Wenham - Lee
Ross Williams - Saul
Julia Blake - Mom

David's Role:

David played Lee, a man who is not well regarded by his brother, Austin, who has had some success in film. When Lee says he's going to write his own screenplay, Austin scoffs not only at his brother's announcement, but also at the proposed plot, which Austin finds too simplistic for Hollywood.


David worked for free.

Despite a strict rule, David would wear Lee's boots off stage. The reason for the rule was that there was sand on the stage and they wanted to prevent it getting all over the theatre. David felt he needed the boots on to maintain the character backstage. So he would explain, "Lee wouldn't take his boots off."

During the intermission/interval, David would go to the only computer backstage that had internet access and find out Australian Rules Football scores.

David's description of the play: "Intense would be a fair word for it. It is full-on, gut-wrenching theatre. It is very violent, physically and psychologically."



Performance Dates:

Fairfax Studio, Melbourne: April - June 2002.

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